LOL, Cella streaming while asleep

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#1 Posted by bluesun (316 posts) -

Some Xmas cheer for everyone before RoboSanta comes along with his TOW missile...

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#2 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

lol Cella's cool as fuck.

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#3 Posted by matoya (582 posts) -

Cella is the best korean

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#4 Posted by csl316 (13928 posts) -

Cella's segment on State of the Game 60 was the best part of the long ass show (which took me over a week of commuting to finish).
Incontrol - Cella, you are one of my favorite Koreans on the entire planet.
Cella - Planet?
Incontrol - Yeah, the whole planet.
Cella - Yaaaayy!! It's me!
Incontrol - It is you.
Cella - It's me.

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#5 Posted by Ben_H (3938 posts) -

Cella was playing KOF '97 with Boxer on his stream yesterday.  Boxer completely worked him. I watched for around an hour and a half and Cella won once or twice, and they were even playing money games for part of it.  Boxer is insanely good at singing the Trololololo song, his voice is so deep that it fits perfectly.

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