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#1 Posted by Talis12 (524 posts) -

seeing the badges page i noticed its been almost 9 years (Sep 18, 2003) that ive been part of the steam community.. somehow it feels longer. how long since you've joined steam?

you can check here:

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#2 Posted by Zelyre (1740 posts) -

My primary account shows 7 years, even though I bought HL2 when it first came out. I remember the ATI event at Alcatraz...

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#3 Posted by AjayRaz (12803 posts) -
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#4 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -

4 years. Unlocked: Jun 10, 2008 2:59am

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#5 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -

Same, Sep 18, 2003 9:55pm - 8 Years of Service

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#6 Posted by DillonWerner (1609 posts) -

2008, four years

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#7 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

Dec 30, 2004 4:49pm apparently.

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#8 Posted by blueduck (965 posts) -

Unlocked: Sep 12, 2003 4:18pm

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#9 Posted by ajamafalous (13397 posts) -

I didn't get my own account until Orange Box came out, but my friends and I all used to share and use my neighbor's Steam account for Counter-Strike back when it was only Valve games.

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#10 Posted by Demokk (212 posts) -

Sep 15, 2003 12:46am

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#11 Posted by Mijati (1080 posts) -

2006 at some point. Although am fairly sure I had an account at another point in time but can't remember.

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#12 Posted by TheHT (14303 posts) -

Nov 5, 2003 5:51pm

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#13 Edited by Schmollian (352 posts) -

August 27, 2004

Hopped on board the Half-Life 2 hype train a couple months before it released. Good times.

Who would have thought I would have bought 200+ other games on the platform since HL2's release. Crazy!

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#14 Posted by Jrad (638 posts) -

October 29, 2005. I had just turned ten that year, which I'm sure violates all sorts of TOS's.

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#15 Posted by mmzOne (299 posts) -

12 Sep 2003 3:53pm

So, awhile.

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#16 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

Day 1. Sept 12, 2003.

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#17 Posted by GJSmitty (685 posts) -

April 8th, 2008. 4 years.

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#18 Posted by belaraphon (445 posts) -

September 15, 2003

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#19 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

Zero days... wait no I think I do have a Steam account Zero games though.

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#20 Posted by Uhtaree (762 posts) -

March 2007 but my account had only half life 2 and kotor in it for several years before I realized Steam sales were going on.

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#21 Posted by HatKing (7269 posts) -

2008. I downloaded it to buy Audiosurf after Jeff recommended it.

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#22 Posted by shinboy630 (1385 posts) -

Jan 5, 2007 9:31pm, so a little over 5 1/2 years. By the way, this information was always available. It says Date Joined on the top part of your gameplay stats on your profile.

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#23 Posted by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -

2006, I believe I bought Half Life 2, but it came with a whole crap load of other stuff.

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#24 Posted by MOAB (563 posts) -

May ‎18, ‎2012


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#25 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

Jan 08, 2005 
But I only had Counter-Strike on it for about 3 years.

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#26 Posted by Danteveli (1410 posts) -

Current account is 1 year old.

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#27 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

September 12th 2003 was when Steam officially left beta... seems the earliest it starts tracking is the 15th, but I was using it before then because freaking Half-Life and the Counter-Strike 1.6 beta. Some undetermined time in 2002.

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#28 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

2009 is when i bought my first game (the orange box, obviously). before then i didn't have a computer that could play games.

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#29 Posted by 1337W422102 (1204 posts) -

Seven years on this account.  I forgot my previous account's information, but that was back when if you put in a CD key was already in use, you'd get a time-limited license to the game.  Good times.

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#30 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (701 posts) -

March 21, 2006

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#31 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Nov 20, 2008 8:06pm, so three years. My PC wasn't capable of running anything before that (I first got the Orange Box) and I was still playing PS2.

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#32 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

@1337W422102 said:

Seven years on this account. I forgot my previous account's information, but that was back when if you put in a CD key was already in use, you'd get a time-limited license to the game. Good times.

It was also back when putting in the CD key for Half-Life: Blue Shift got you every single one of Valve's releases.

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#33 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1261 posts) -

6 may, 2004. I guess it was for CS 1.5 or something.

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#34 Posted by 1337W422102 (1204 posts) -
@AndrewB said:

@1337W422102 said:

Seven years on this account. I forgot my previous account's information, but that was back when if you put in a CD key was already in use, you'd get a time-limited license to the game. Good times.

It was also back when putting in the CD key for Half-Life: Blue Shift got you every single one of Valve's releases.

Yeah, that was it!  It wasn't just Blue Shift, though.  I put in my older brother's friend's Half-Life 1 launch edition CD key and got all of Valve's stuff.  Played a lot of Half-Life and Counter-Strike back then.  I think the deal was you would have the games in your account, but only for a year, or something like that.  When I bought my own copies, I made a new account, and I don't think I've logged into the old one since for anything but troubleshooting once.
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#35 Posted by Marz (6016 posts) -

November 2004

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#36 Posted by Bocam (4099 posts) -

When did Half Life 2 Episode 1 come out?

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#37 Edited by Klei (1798 posts) -

Aug 12, 2004 9:47pm. Although I could have swore that I installed Steam along with Half-Life 2. Looks like I was wrong.

Edit : Man, to think that back in August of 2004, I was still a teen at my parent's house, watching porn and playing obscure PS2 games. Now i'm an adult with bills, a girlfriend, and I like to play golf. God dammit.

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#38 Posted by samurai1000 (41 posts) -

Nov 16, 2004 3:08pm for me

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#39 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1849 posts) -

Sep 11, 2004 11:04am. 7 years ago and I haven't looked back!

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#40 Posted by butano (1997 posts) -

3 years, November 2008. Makes sense, as I built my first gaming computer earlier that summer. Still running strong!

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#41 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

4 years. Feb 25th 2008. I didn't realize I had it so long. There was a time when I never used Steam other than to look at sales. I've since built a reasonable library and use it far more often. Feels more like 2 years since I started using Steam regularly.

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#42 Posted by deactivated-57beb9d651361 (4541 posts) -

December 5th, 2004.

Almost definitely coincided with HL2.

Man, that is a long fucking time.

Remember when everyone hated Steam? Now it's like Willie Wonka's factory for nerds.

I love you Gaben!

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#43 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

Last April. Its been a year since I've had a gaming worthy PC for the first time in years and its been amazing.

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#44 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5026 posts) -

October 25, 2005.

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#45 Posted by Sanaj (184 posts) -

7 years. November 19, 2004.

That would be for Half-Life 2. However, I've been using Steam a lot more in the past 4 years.

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#46 Posted by Sean2206 (275 posts) -

May 23rd 2012, I never really had a gaming capable PC, and still don't really but I wanted to get into PC gaming and thought a legendary Steam summer sale would be a good a place as any to start.

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#47 Posted by wewantsthering (1651 posts) -

Unlocked: Sep 17, 2003 9:18pm. :-D

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#48 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5441 posts) -

Unlocked: Sep 16, 2003 10:44am

It was a dark day for us to switch to 1.6 from glorious 1.5. Steam broke my OS like three times, the friends list was always broken, and every update just seemed to fuck it up more and more.

Now it's pretty much the first thing I install on a fresh copy of Windows.

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#49 Posted by Scrawnto (2552 posts) -
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#50 Posted by Fattony12000 (8271 posts) -
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