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The evil Gir Draxon, Supreme Overlord of the Arcturan Empire, plans an attack on Earth. Terran High Command has decided to use the Raven, their most advanced military tank, to stop him at any cost. The Terran Commander must defeat each of the massive Guardians on his way to Arcturus and Draxon himself.  


  • Polygonal graphics
  • Hand-drawn cinematic scenes
  • Power-ups (in the Amiga / PC and later versions)
  • Hidden warp zones


There were three separate versions of Stellar 7, each made to show off the advances in computer technology. 
  • Apple II / Commodore 64 - Graphics marginally better than Battlezone, its inspiration
  • Amiga / PC - Updated to take advantage of VGA-level graphics, with added plot elements
  • 3DO - Named Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge, this version has CG cutscenes, far better graphics, and CD audio

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