Stephen Toulouse aka Stepto in coma, not expected to recover

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#3 Posted by BisonHero (11579 posts) -

Yikes, that seems sudden. It seems like just yesterday he was having a heated E3 podcast debate with Jonathan Blow about indie games on Microsoft services.

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#4 Posted by Niceanims (1754 posts) -

Just heard about this. I really hope it turns out ok.

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Oh man, terrible news. I knew him mostly from his appearances on Major Nelson Radio, he seemed like a good person to have in charge of a division. Hope he pulls through :(

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#6 Posted by Otogi (369 posts) -

I really hope he recovers, and thoughts to the family going through this, nobody should have to.

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#7 Posted by Nightriff (7196 posts) -

Sad to hear, best wishes to his family

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#8 Posted by dagas (3667 posts) -

It doesn't say what happened. I hope he will pull through. I used to listen to Major Nelson's Podcast so I know the guy from there.

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Oh no that's terrible.

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Tragic news. Here's hoping he beats the odds, he always seemed like a good guy. Thoughts with his family, that has to be one of the hardest things to endure.

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#11 Posted by Xtrminatr (280 posts) -

Best wishes to Stepto and his family. He's always been super interesting to listen to and seems like a great guy,

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#12 Posted by Bezerker85 (377 posts) -

Sad to hear about this. He was always the "Sweet" bald guy to E's "sour" bald guy on the Major Nelson podcast.

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#13 Posted by conmulligan (1920 posts) -

Jesus, that's awful. Hope he pulls through.

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#14 Posted by Jeust (11739 posts) -

Best wishes to him and his family and friends.

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#15 Posted by Milkman (19291 posts) -

@dagas said:

It doesn't say what happened. I hope he will pull through. I used to listen to Major Nelson's Podcast so I know the guy from there.

I believe it was a car accident but I'm not completely positive.

Either way, this is fucking awful.

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#16 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Holy shit, Stepto. I haven't heard that name in years.

Best wishes to him and his family.

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#17 Posted by Asmo917 (831 posts) -

@bisonhero: that podcast was why I fell in love with Giant Bomb. I ran into Stepto a few times at PAX events and he was always kind and gracious. Pulling for him and keeping his family and friends in my thoughts.

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#18 Posted by Stonyman65 (3808 posts) -

Oh no! I really hope he pulls through. He seemed like a good dude.

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#19 Posted by Strife777 (2101 posts) -

That sucks. I don't know the guy much, outside of his few bombcast appearances, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hopefully the low expectations will be met and he'll make it through alright.

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#21 Posted by MetalBaofu (1705 posts) -

Damn. Real sorry to hear that. Thoughts go out to his friends and family. I've recently had to deal with the sudden lose of a close family member. It's rough.

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#23 Posted by RonGalaxy (4936 posts) -

That's really fucking sad.... Don't really know much about him, but it still makes my heart ache (as corny as that sounds). Hope everything turns out alright in the end

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#24 Posted by johnsonic7 (152 posts) -

Damn, that's terrible. He seemed like a lively presence from the bombcast, and I'm sure he was a great guy. Was looking at his website after I saw Jeff tweet about him and it seems like he's been through some hardships over the past few months as well. Thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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#25 Posted by Jaalmo (1749 posts) -

Oh shit... a lot of shocking news today. Hope everything turns out okay for him.

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#26 Posted by mellotronrules (2610 posts) -

hope he pulls through! he always has valuable thoughts on policy, and provides a real in-the-trenches perspective that can be difficult to get elsewhere.

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Although I'm sure he was well-compensated working for MS, I'd guess beyond that his job is a pretty thankless one. He had to have been the target of some pretty incredible hate from people that got banned on XBL, and the job itself (trying to make a complete cesspool of humanity a better place) is a pretty impossible one. Have to have some pretty big respect for that guy for taking on that task.

I don't know if I should say "I hope he recovers," since I guess we may be beyond that point now. But whatever happens, peace to him, his family, and friends.

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Absolutely terrible news, he always seemed liked a great guy from everything I've heard/seen him on and for putting up with the shit he did. Best wishes to his family, and even if it seems unlikely I hope he pulls through.

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I had my cousin pass away last year, he was in a coma for about 2 weeks. Was quite young too only in his early 30's, just went into a coma caused by a stroke. The stroke was caused by a panic attack! Seemed like such an odd set of circumstances that caused him to die. Worst part was the coma, we knew he wasn't going to recover and even if he did he would not be able to move.

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#30 Posted by cutyoface (581 posts) -

That is terrible news. I hope he is able to recover.

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#31 Posted by thelastgunslinger (592 posts) -

That's awful, my thoughts go out to his friends and family. Hopefully he's able to come around.

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#32 Posted by YoThatLimp (2506 posts) -

That sucks, he always seemed like a stand up person, and enjoyed when he was on GB/Tested. I hope he pulls through, I feel for his family.

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#33 Posted by Twiggy199 (624 posts) -

Hope he pulls through. Thoughts to friends and family.

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#34 Posted by essi2 (200 posts) -

My thoughts are with his family and friends, hopefully he recovers.

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#35 Posted by impartialgecko (1941 posts) -

I wish him and his family all the best. That's rough.

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#36 Posted by ZolRoyce (1589 posts) -

Uhg, that stinks, he always came across as someone who cared about the job he was doing and it was always nice seeing him pop up in a video or news on some site.

I don't know much about comas, I hope if there is a possibility he pulls through it.

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Whoa... That's really terrible news.

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#38 Posted by ArtisanBreads (9107 posts) -

bummer :(

Always enjoyed him, seemed like a good dude who cared about his work.

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#39 Posted by CaLe (4799 posts) -

Last year I had an aunt just collapse with a brain haemorrhage out of nowhere, go into a coma and then die within a few days. No previous indication that anything was wrong. It's damn scary stuff to even think about. I remember researching up about it afterwords, just about comas in general, and was always given a little hope when reading the ones that made miraculous recoveries even after the worst prognostications. Here's hoping Stepto will be one of the lucky ones.

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#40 Posted by inevpatoria (7442 posts) -

Had the honor of running into Stephen at both of the past PAX Primes I've attended. Without knowing anything about me, we struck up an easy chat that ran on for what felt like way longer than was probably convenient for someone in his role. The guy made everybody around him feel like anyone could be his best friend. Genuine warmth and interest in other people. No ego or celebrity.

Keeping the Toulouse family in my thoughts.

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#41 Posted by Toastburner_B (471 posts) -

E and Major Nelson both tweeted a link to a page that has an update on Stepto.

It appears that the coma was brought on by a "severe infection". Treatment for the infection has started, and Stepto has started to respond to voices and is following commands. However, he remains in critical condition. While the prognosis seems to have improved, the best case scenario at this point is still prolonged hospitalization.

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#42 Posted by MetalBaofu (1705 posts) -

@toastburner_b: Really glad he seems to be improving. Hopefully it keeps going that way.

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#43 Posted by Sanj (3255 posts) -

This is really terrible, but very glad to hear that there's even a little improvement.

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#44 Posted by dprotp (682 posts) -

of course John Drake and his Diet Coke costume would be in that fundraiser's page.

I was just listening to the Day 0 E3 2011 Bombcast on my bike ride earlier today, so seeing this news shortly after that is a bit odd.

I'm glad he's improving, though. I hope he continues to do so <3

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#45 Posted by Haruko (567 posts) -

:( He always seemed like an upright fella. Best wishes hope he gets better.

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#46 Posted by csl316 (14968 posts) -

Stepto's a cool dude, I wish him nothing but the best.

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#47 Posted by Macka1080 (252 posts) -

Awful, awful news :( The best of wishes to him and his family.

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#48 Posted by Asmo917 (831 posts) -

Some outstanding news being shared by Stepto's friends and family: he's awake, breathing on his own, and talking. Sounds like recovery is going to be an effort, but this is an amazing turnaround from what we knew a few days ago. If you saw the general mood before the news broke with tweets from e, Ben Kuchera, and others, this was far from the expected outcome.

Here's a link to the update and the crowdfunding effort to help with bills and family travel expenses. If you've ever had a sudden and serious illness, or been away from a family member who has, or had sudden and serious illness while being far away from family, you know the financial and emotional toll on everyone involved. The latest Stepto update (6/13/15) (Click on the Updates tab for the latest)

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#49 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (2167 posts) -

@asmo917 said:

Some outstanding news being shared by Stepto's friends and family: he's awake, breathing on his own, and talking. Sounds like recovery is going to be an effort, but this is an amazing turnaround from what we knew a few days ago.

That's great news! Hope he makes a speedy and full recovery.

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#50 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

Any chance of updating the title of the thread to reflect the better prognosis? Every time I see it I get bummed out.

Wishing him a full and speedy recovery.

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