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    Stranded Deep

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jan 23, 2015

    After surviving a plane crash, players become stranded in a procedurally generated environment somewhere within the Pacific Ocean.

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    Survival simulator set around a cluster of tiny procedurally generated tropical islands. After surviving a plane crash in the pacific tropics the player is tasked with the immediate need to find fresh water, food and shelter. The needs of the player are challenging and frequent and the early game is about making the tasks of obtaining water, unspoiled food and avoiding sunstroke much less labour intensive by building evaporation pans, crop plots and a living structure.

    The game opens up to the player choosing how they take on their surrounding. Crafting can lead to spears and weapons to defend from the countless sharks in the seas, sea vessels to get to other islands, and guidance and communication equipment. The islands are surrounded by wrecks and wreckage which can be looted for parts and materials, which can also be uncovered from other nearby islands. Each path has its risks though, diving not only has sharks but dealing with running out of air and getting all the booty back safely; while storms, getting lost and running out of rations can all scupper what looked like a simple trip to another island.


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