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    Sun Quan

    Character » appears in 27 games

    Sun Quan is from the Dynasty Warriors series. He is the second son of Sun Jian and first emperor of Wu empire.

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    Folktales describes him from time to time, told that he was quite a gallant figure. It was said that Sun Quan has a pair of blue eyes and red beard. He was the descendant of Sun Tzu, although some record said that his grandfather, Sun Zhong was originaly a melon farmer in Sunzhou (later WangKou)
    He was the founder of Wu Empire, following Cao Pi who seized the throne and proclaimed himself as Emperor of China.
    Sun Quan has ability in gathering important, honourable men to his cause. It was told that he was close to his officers and often drink together in a banquet. 
    It seems that he lived in a lucky life, and died peacefully among the three rulers of the land.
    Sun Quan's early ambition is to conquer Jing, he'd do many things such as made a plot to hostages Liu Bei in Wu by marrying him to his sister, Sun Shang Xiang. At first it was just a simply made up marriage. But his mother is tottaly agree with the plan and Sun Shang Xiang fell in love with Liu Bei.
    The plan didn't work smooth. He even lost his sister who decided to follow Liu Bei back to Shu. But after telling a fake illness of their mother, he managed to get Sun Shang Xiang back to Wu.


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