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    Sunderock Springs

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    Sunderock Springs is strange desert region in the northern reaches of Antonica.

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    Sunderock Springs is a desert on the way north to Ashengate. It gets its name from the various oasises scattered around the inexplicably scorching heat in this region of the Serpent's Spine Mountains. The sweltering humidity may seem out of place itself, but there is an ice dragon roaming the desert to make things even more bizarre. Many drakes reside around an active geyser, one of the many sights to see in the desert. To the east, the arm of Ashengate reaches far, for the Green Legion army commands a camp of enslaved orcs and goblins that retrieve treasure and supplies from the nearby Vergalid Mines. The Drakkin have also set up an outpost in Sunderock, high atop a nearby mountain, a safe distance from the wandering snakes, rock golems, and spiders. Directly north of Sunderock Springs are the dangerous Direwind Cliffs on the road to Ashengate.


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