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Revolutionary classic that stands the test of time 0

Super Mario 64 is considered to be one of the most revolutionary, influential platformers of all time, and I have to agree. Whenever I go back and play it, I can just feel how it's such a classic, and a memorable one at that. It's a game that stands throughout the test of time and is still pretty fun to play now.SM64 is about Mario going to visit Peach's castle, but he arrives to find that Peach has been kidnapped, and the castle has been taken over by Bowser! So he traverses the castle and the ...

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I have a different opinion here... 4

Before I walk into unknown territory and criticize this legendary title, let me say that I am not a young person. All the 8-bit Mario games remain great to me and in my view, are better than the majority of video games today. So it pains me to say anything bad about a game people love this much. In fact, I once fell for the hype. Last summer, I wrote a review for a small blog owned by someone else, and I completely urged people to download Super Mario 64, giving the game all the praise everyone ...

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Yeah 0

This game isssssss soooo awweeessooommmeeee.mario is cool and one of the best. The one and only that beat it was The legend of Zelda ocarina of time. Games with weird names suck ass so hard. Play it, you will love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!...

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Great game, but has it's fair share of flaws. 2

I'd like to save the good part of the review for the end. First, here is the bad part. First of all, I think the game was made way to challenging, and it could've had much simpler controls, and it could have had much more areas. Sure, there was plenty of levels in each area, but the areas were pretty small, and there wasn't much to discover in any of the areas. Now, this game is not bad. Trust me. It's quite good, it just needs work. Personally, I think you can get your money's worth out of just...

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64 Stars! 0

In everyone's favorite "save-the-princess" series," Mario jumps into action again in his most popular game! Introducing a whole new kind of game-play, the player experiences new worlds and new villains in an amazing 3D environments that are so lovable they're impassible. The wonderful music improves the already perfect scenery, and can possibly make up for the wonky camera. Mario also has many new moves and tricks up his sleeve that made their own ways into various other 2D/3D Mario games.Su...

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Super important game that makes me super happy! 0

 While reading this review I suggest listening to this music to get into the mood:               When I think about formative experiences from my childhood, things that I will never forget I think of watching my friend play his imported Nintendo 64 with his only game. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before in not only visuals but more mind-blowingly was the free movement. When I finally got a go myself I spent so much time just running and swimming around the castle. It is impossible to impres...

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Best Videogame of all Time 0

It's 10 years since Super Mario 64 was introduced to the world as a Nintendo 64 launch title, but it still stands out now as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, games of all time.From the moment it starts and you run across the grass outside the Princess's castle, it's immediately clear that the development of the game and the development of the N64 controller went hand in hand. The introduction of analogue control to a mainstream console, of course now standard practice, offers up a subli...

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Greatest game of all time 2

This is the gretest game of all time. You will git hooked onthis game forever I dont care who you are you will fall in love with this game. There are so many secrets in this game you wont be able to comprehend it. I dont git why they wnt make a remake of super mario 64 its the greatest game of all time onestly though its a bit difficult at times it took me awhile to play it but then again i was 12 and playing the game everday after school i couldnt stop playing it. So ifyou ever come across Supe...

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Possibly the most important video game of all time 0

Nintendo’s 64 bit console may not have achieved the universal, record breaking success of Sony’s Playstation, but it can hardly be called a failure either. This relative success had little to do with the innumerate substandard third part games that appeared, but can be attributed to a small selection of Nintendo in-house titles that set the standards in gaming for years to come. Perhaps most high profile of these was launch title Super Mario 64. The game had to meet high expectations in light ...

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Good memories 0

Whenever I dust off my old n64 and glance at the classic collection of games that I have accumulated, Super Mario 64 is one of the few that stands out amongst the rest. The n64 was the first console that I ever played on and it probably is my personal favorite as almost any game I put in has a very strong feeling of nostalgia attached to it. This feeling is even there for the games that sucked! Awe sooo many memories!Anywho I first played this game in 97 and instantly fell in love with it. Becau...

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An innovative and absolutely amazing platformer. 0

 When Super Mario 64 was first released back in 1996, thirteen years ago, it was a revolutionary game that influenced many 3-D games. It's possibly, along with Ocarina of Time, one of the most influential video games ever created. Does this make the game good, however? The answer is yes. Super Mario 64, even today, is a game that everyone should own. The game is far ahead of its time.First off, the graphics, even today, look good. How Nintendo was able to manage this on an 8MB cartridge is quite...

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The game that perfected the modern 3D platformer is still great! 0

Super Mario 64 was the first 3D platformer that truly worked, and honestly it's surely still one of the best. I can't claim to be an expert in 3D platformers, I've only recently started to play them again after a 10 year hiatus or so, but I can tell you that Super Mario 64 is still infinitely playable today, no questions asked. All of the stages are absolute pleasures to play in, it sometimes seems like every moment you spend jumping and flying around is filled with pure bliss. The controls are ...

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Mario enters the world of 3D gamming in style.. 0

Super Mario 64 is an awesome game and one of the finest achievements ever in gaming and here's why.StoryWell Mario is invited to Peaches Castle for a Cake but when he gets there she is trapped in a painting and the only way tro get here back is to get stars and defeat Bowser 3 times.The gameplay is fantastic the control system suits this game in incredibly well you know why Nintendo created the controller like they did. You don't get the range of power ups like Super Mario Bros 3 you get only a ...

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A Revolutionary Classic 0

When you look at platformers today, most of them may seem familiar. That's because Super Mario 64 made the blueprints for how a 3D platformer should be done.Story: Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach, saying that she has baked a cake for him (insert sexual innuendo here). Mario arrives at Peaches Castle and finds it to be empty. He goes inside and hears a voice, telling him to get out, and that no one's home. Mario finds a toad, who says that he and the other toads and Peach are trapped ...

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