People are hacking the leaderboards?

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I assumed for super mario maker no one would care about hacking their competitive scores, there really isn't any central leaderboard of any kind, so it's kind of weird when the world record for a course is 99.59.999. It's even weirder when this is happening to courses with <50 plays.

My question is have you guys seen this? Do you think it will be a problem or are there too many courses for the majority of the game to be effected by this?

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Courses have been subject to this stuff since the release of the game, there are still levels with false blocks (essentially blocks that have a wrong sprite, but retain their physics) that haven't been weeded out yet. I've never seen that specific time issue before, but I've seen some with clear times of <4 seconds when the level takes over 30 seconds for even a speed runner. Most of the glitched levels come from Japanese players, who are notorious for making levels that HAVE WAY TOO MANY THINGS going on once. There are also people on the top of the popular board that skimmed levels off of original creators, and essentially have stars for being a collection of other peoples work.

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Welcome to 2008 and LBP.

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How is the world record longer than your time? Even if they hacked the record you would think they would want to make it a short amount of time.

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