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Nintendo once again recaptures my love for collecting things while exploring colorful environments 0

800+ moons seems like a absurd amount of stuff to collect. Yet I have a urge to obtain them all.Ah a new year has gone by and a new Mario game has arrived. Featuring many different kingdoms to explore it certain lives up to its title. The game begins quickly with a snappy cut to Mario facing down Bowser once again on board one of his flying ships. It seems he wishes to marry Peach this time and he is prepared to stop our heroic plumber who falls below the clouds after losing his favorite hat. L...

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Good ol' Exploration 0

Super Mario Odyssey is a return to the roots of 3D Mario, with a heavy emphasis on exploration. The collectibles are much less prizes for challenges than they are incentives to explore, and the game is better for it. The game's unique transformations and awesome control scheme keep it from getting dull from beginning to end.. to second end... and third end. The bar has been set.For my full thoughts, click here for the video review....

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A Good Mario Game, but Too Familiar 0

I will start this off by saying that Super Mario Odyssey is a great game, and it is certainly worth your time. As a long time fan of the series, however, it doesn't feel all that new and fresh. Perhaps I'm being unfair when I compare it to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but they're both the most recent main entries into Nintendo's two most loved series, so it's a little hard to look at one without being influenced by the other. I did not play either game until this year, which I have c...

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Epic 0

The greatest mario game? Maybe. This is just a blast. There isn't anything I could say that could capture the perfection this game has. So I'll recite a poem; Mario Galaxy: you can be a bee Mario Odyssey: you can be tree Nintendo really outdid themselves....

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The only reason they went with "Odyssey" is because "Super Mario 64-2" sounds stupid 0

Do you like joy? If you answered yes (and if not, who hurt you?) then you'll probably like Super Mario Odyssey and I could stop right now. Unless someone had a childhood trauma involving Mario that still scars them to this day, or they have an acute allergy to video game gold coins, I can't think of a reason I wouldn't at least recommend this game to anyone, let alone actively preach about it. For something as old as the Mario franchise is, it's hard to keep it fresh and exciting from game to ga...

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A Tip Of The Hat For New 3D Mario 0

I remembered when Nintendo announced the Switch on October 20th, 2016 and released that first look trailer; I was sitting at a mechanic shop getting my brakes changed and waiting for a friend to pick me up since it would be a whole day affair. Frantically refreshing Twitter and saw that Nintendo posted a link to their video. I instantly clicked on it and began watching with mouth agape as Nintendo's future hardware was shown along with glimpses of future titles such as Skyrim and NBA 2k. ...

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If you like 3D Mario play this, if you haven't played a 3D Mario play this 0

It's a great 3D Mario game, probably the best since Galaxy 1 and 2. I felt 3D world lacked a bit in some innovation and was more or less just "more 3D Mario with nothing special". So far through most the kingdoms doing a fair amount of side stuff and such. Some kingdoms are better than others, some seem to be more repeats of similar themes, some very unique ones, some fan service type ones. Overall the cap mechanic is really neat I like it. If I had to pick anything with this game, it's maybe no...

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Super Mario Odyssey: The Plumber Jumped Over the Moon 0

This review was originally published in my blog on July 15, 2018.I used my time away to get every last stinking moon in Super Mario Odyssey. This was one of the "big two" for the Switch last year along with Breath of the Wild, and the only one exclusive to it. Despite this being the first time I've owned the game, it's far from the first time I've experienced it. For starters, Mario Odyssey enjoyed monolithic popularity in the speedrunning community for months. Over that time I've seen dozens o...

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