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With how much potential Thousand Year Door had, this falls short 1

Any fans of the Paper Mario off-shoot will probably remember what Nintendo did right in the Gamecube installment, Thousand Year Door. Sure the story was the better part of a hit or miss and the game overall wasn’t that impressive, anyone who actually played it start to finish, as I did, will know what I mean when I say it harkened back to those of use wishing for a new Super Mario RPG. So when the newest title in the franchise was announced for the Wii, I immediately thought that it would blow t...

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Super Paper Mario is fun, quirky and a total title for the Wii. 0

Super Paper Mario was a fantastic game and much better than I had expected.  Well, I expected it to be good, but not this good.  My fears was the platforming actually.  I was expecting it to be a clunky mess like in the other two games, where platforming takes the backseat.  However, Super Paper Mario takes a que from the early Mario games and runs with it.  I had a couple problems with the game, but it hardly stopped me from enjoying it.  I wish there was more NPCs in the game with bigger perso...

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Innovative gameplay system and a surprisingly dark storyline. 0

Mario, of Nintendo fame, has become the Renaissance man of video games. He has appeared in almost every genre from platformers to sports games and even RPG’s. His latest game, Super Paper Mario, blends the plumber’s platforming roots and RPG-style gameplay in such a way that no game before it can claim to have done. The game starts with Mario and Luigi starting a journey to rescue Peach from Bowser. However, Bowser is not the culprit this time, and Mario ends up involved in a quest to stop the ...

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Good additions but changes that didn't need to be made were. 0

I didn’t quite finish the game. I got about 8 hours in and am over 1/2 of the game. Take this with a grain of salt as you should with all our reviews. Point blank, I reached a few parts that turned me off to the gameplay. I’ll come back another day. But, Overall it was a fun experience. Here’s the GBU Good: The games move to 3d is so unique and to me, quite fun. It causes some out of the box thinking or, looking at clips of if on youtube because you cant figure out what to do. The graphic’s look...

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A fresh new game wearing its father's clothes. 0

Super Paper Mario had a lot to prove to me, it was on the one hand a continuation of the RPG style Mario games. On the other it was borrowing very heavily from honest-to-goodness Mario platformers. What kind of mixture would these two titans of game design combine to create, and does its borrowing from titans make it a titan, as well? Super Paper Mario is that mixture, but whether or not its a titan is a question that will give this review a reason to be written.Super Paper Mario starts out with...

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Great Platform-RPG! 0

As usual, Nintendo likes to amazes us more and more with every released Mario game. It's amazing for how long the moustached italian plummer dude has been around (since my friggin' childhood!) and he yet amazes us just like before. Peach has been kidnaped... And well.. You know the drill. :P Oh wait! But this time, it was not Bowser *shocker*. It was some dude that calls himself "Count Bleck" (and hell, he likes to say his name a lot). And this time, Mario must unite with his friends (and foes...

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Super Paper Mario - the good and the bad 0

kbd here to tell you the good and the bad of Super Paper Mario in as few words as possible. ;)The good:+ 10 - 20 hours approx. single player mode augmented by fun mini games and optional challenges + charming and genuinely funny+ clever puzzles+ good artistic design (graphics and sound) + great characterisation and story+ platforming and light RPG elements are in nice constrast + unique 2D - 3D mechanic The bad:- bosses are too easy- lots of dialogue - some backtracking and repetitive segments ...

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The Paper Cut That You Would Love to Have 0

Wii Review: Super Paper Mario [Watch the Video Review]Since the start of the Wii console, gamers would wonder when the first Mario game for the platform would come out. In about 5-6 months, fans were rewarded with what they had wished for: Super Paper Mario. Super Paper Mario is the third in the Paper Mario series with the original "Paper Mario" on the Nintendo 64, "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door" on the Gamecube and finally this on the Wii. Unlike the other games in the series though, in...

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An old school, well-designed and charming platformer 0

Super Paper Mario isn't going to revolutionize gaming, and it could have just as easily been a Gamecube game as a Wii game (this game doesn't even use the Nunchuk). However, it's a charming and mostly well-designed platformer, and if you are looking for a great game to round out your collection, it's an easy one to recommend.If you are a newcomer to the series, then a brief description is in order. Paper Mario is somewhat of a throwback to the days of side-scrolling 2D adventures, but with a twi...

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Another great addition to the mario franchise 0

Super paper Mario does exactly what it intends. It gives gamers a game that is not for parties and not for for your grandparents. This game is one of the better ones out there for Wii. The gameplay is reminiscent of old school Mario. Using bowser, peach, luigi, and mario, you will go through multiple worlds in order to save them all. You will go through them to attain pure hearts that will be used to defeat the evil Count Bleck. Without giving away spoilers i will say that the plot is one of the...

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The Missing Link 0

For me, this game is what ties the Mario of my childhood to the Mario we see in Galaxy.  The game features many of the game-play mechanisms seen in games from the NES era coupled with some of the newer innovations in gaming such as 3D graphics and save points.  That said, this choice limits the games appeal somewhat because many modern-day gamers will be put off by the old school feel of the game.  The most often cited issue being the lengthy amount of text that the game requires you to read.  I...

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Super Paper Mario (Wii) 0

 Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the rest of the gang are all back for yet another epic adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom , making their next-generation debut with Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii. While not quite staying true to the RPG elements we've come to expect from the Paper Mario series, Super Paper Mario manages to pack in many of the characteristics found in previous Mario games, leaving older gamers with a heartwarming dosage of nostalgia. While story is not exactly the first ...

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Super Paper Mario (Wii) Review 0

The highly acclaimed Paper Mario series has been praised for its artistic and creative innovations. The first two games were unique in the fact that they were role-playing games, but fused with some light platforming elements of traditional Mario titles. Super Paper Mario takes it one step further by being predominantly platforming, with a few features taken from RPGs. The most notable highlight of the Paper Mario games is that almost every tangible object is paper thin, hence the title. In the...

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Not nearly as polished as the past games, but still pretty good. 0

From the moment I turned off my Gamecube, and flicked off the TV after beating one of my favorite games of all time, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, I didn’t think that Paper Mario game, and even a sequel could beat its excellence. Well, guess what? I was absolutely right. When they first announced the sequel to Paper Mario 2, Super Paper Mario for the Gamecube, I was in instant happiness, but well, I knew it’d happen some day. In fact, I was so excited, that when I read that it was going i...

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Mario is back on another innovative and creative game. 0

Super Paper Mario for Wii is a very creative game that definitely lives up to its standards. Being able to switch between 2D and 3D environments really makes the game stand out well compared to the other games on the market. The story in the game is a little quirky and long, but it is well written and surprisingly interesting. Nintendo has taken a successful cinematic approach in making games and Super Paper Mario passes the test. Each level is expertly designed to provide many hours of entertai...

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