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Pitfall Harry, falling down the first ladder of the game into a trap.
Pitfall Harry, falling down the first ladder of the game into a trap.

Super Pitfall is an action-adventure platformer developed and published by Pony for the Famicom and PC-8801 (both in Japan) on September 8, 1986 (and later released worldwide in 1987 by Activision for the Nintendo Entertainment System). Super Pitfall is a loose remake of Activision's 1983 Atari 2600 game, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns.

Players control Pitfall Harry as he ventures through the lost caverns (a large, seamless cavern with smaller "warp zones") while collecting gold bars (and other items), avoiding traps, and shooting enemies with his pistol. Harry's main tasks, however, are to find the priceless Raj diamond, his adventurous niece, Rhonda (who has been turned to stone), and his imprisoned pet mountain lion, Quickclaw.

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