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    An infamous contract developer that made mostly NES ports of arcade games anonymously for various arcade titans, along with some original/licensed games, typically of notoriously low quality.

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    Micronics was a primarily anonymous outsource developer, making games for publishers without taking any credit, so information on them is difficult to come by. Here's what we know...

    Micronics was formed sometime around 1985 by Kazuo Yagi and Masahiko Tsukada, and spent the NES era primarily developing arcade ports like Elevator Action, Ghosts 'N Goblins and 1942 for publishers like Capcom, Konami, Taito and Pony Canyon. These ports, as well as their original and license-based projects like Super Pitfall, are notable for their lack of quality compared to their contemporaries - low framerate, poor controls, simplistic sound and questionable collision detection are usually all present and accounted for.

    In 2007, an anonymous poster on the Japanese message board 2ch claimed that co-founder Yagi was just a college student when he started Micronics with the intent of developing original games, but being stuck doing porting work allegedly led to him ceasing to care about bugs or other quality control issues. How close this is to the truth may never be known...

    Rebranded to Khaos in 1993.


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