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4.33 stars 4.33/5 Stars Average score of 3 user reviews spread across 16 releases and 19 DLC

More fun than throwing your kid in a volcano. 5

The Iron Fist Tournament returns!I really have no words to describe this.So look, I hate Tekken. If you're doing a double take at the score I gave the game after that opening line then that should indicate how big of a surprise this game was to me. I've spent roughly 30 hours tooling away in the game and its the first Tekken since Tekken 3 to capture my attention. Its also the first fighting game to capture my attention since Mortal Kombat. What is nice about Tekken Tag 2 is that it is full of c...

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Tekken tag 2 is brilliant in many ways , alot good and alot cheap,its still a good game , but mostly for nostalgia , 0

call me crazy but i have had totally fun with this game,,but there are so many letdown,,extremly bad menues for starters and worst campaing seen aka combot training or mission,,can be fun though this combot training thing but pretty bad and uninterestind and the bad,,ending,,menues screen doesnt make sense when u enter the roster screen,,which is stil lgood but at the same time off,putting,,the char plays to much alike themseleves a copy of another copy,,they are not that itneresting and unbala...

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the best, deepest,most exciting Tekken 0

It has been almost three years since gamers received a new Tekken game. The last title,Tekken 6, released just after the rebirth of fighting games (due to the fantastic Street Fighter IV) back in 2009. The original Tekken Tag Tournament was a PAL launch title for thePlayStation 2 and regarded by some as the most fun of the series, attributed to the inclusion of the tag mechanics and the feeling that it was built on top of the Tekken 3 fighting system. Twelve years later, the tag mechanic returns...

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