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Tekken tag 2 is brilliant in many ways , alot good and alot cheap,its still a good game , but mostly for nostalgia ,

call me crazy but i have had totally fun with this game,,but there are so many letdown,,extremly bad menues for starters and worst campaing seen aka combot training or mission,,can be fun though this combot training thing but pretty bad and uninterestind and the bad,,ending,,menues screen doesnt make sense when u enter the roster screen,,which is stil lgood but at the same time off,putting,,the char plays to much alike themseleves a copy of another copy,,they are not that itneresting and unbalanced,,how the char fight are pretty good and interesting,,best executed yet,,but its not enough since the game is lacking more variety its just isnt enough im afraid

guilty pleasure;));p graphics i nthis game are so good worth a million and i had totally fun(so much fun actually that i could have said,,this game is best game created ever i ntekkens history cuz it is with this game,,but that doesnt mean it gets five out of five stars ;p,,time for a reality check,,but why u said it felt that this was the strongest game and best tekke nyet in the history,,why not five out of five stars then?,,hmm?;p,,well..,,

certainly joe,,the biggest problem this game has,,is that the char doesnt stand out or feel too much different than the other,,like the previous games;);p,,als onot everythign works how it should i nthis game;p,,i personally think;p

rn alot good ;) but not alot new ;pp =) ,,u saw kunimitsu ,,angel,,devil kazuya,,michelle,,unfortunately seems like they where somewhat a big tease ,,cuz i cannot acess them yet ,,same with snoop doggy stage,,hwat ;p,,comon ,,Anyway ,p =) ,, Let's face the music ;prnrnrnrnrecomended if ur'a a harcore fan ,,and like it for what it is,,even if it is miles from tekken ,,in general ;p ,,rnrnrnrnbut what this game is strong on is at least athmosphere and pretty fun and good to play,,and for the 50+ char ,,though they somehow feel alike,,they are far from how much alike the char was like for say mk: armageddon,,truthrnrnrnrnu would have hoped to feel the nostolgia and same feel as the first tekken tag ,,rnrnrnbut with this,,,tekke ntag 2,,it miles from that game and also mil'es from what made tekken so good in the first time ,,rnrnrnrni can see this is a milking game ,,u are milked heavely ,,--rnrnrnrnrn minus : they wrap and recycle too much in the game here,,so ultimately they have not created something new here,,rnrnrnrn++ game is rough around the edges too look at,,they ahave implemntet more moves in the game and juggles ,,are the variety of what the char can do is pretty nice ,,all stages are superb ,,same goes with the music outstanding,,they really created athmosphere with ttheese things,,because the stages and the music here is pretty unique ,,rnrnrnrnthey have done some things here,,rnrnrnrnrnwhile it almost remains the same since tekken6 ,,if u have played tekken6 i will notice that tekkentag 2 is strangely and shamely too much alike tekken 6,,rnrnrnrnit bears the same bad menues,,customice char crap from tekken 6 ,,no story and bad endings ,,rnrnrnrnall the char from the get go ,,are a little bit too much alike ( a little bit ) ,,rnrnrnand all are ulocked from the very start,,,rnrnrnrnlike tekken 6 ,,tt2 fails to make ,,tekken relevant again,,by that i mean they dont manage to make the char super interesting like say from tekken 1 to tekken 5 Dr ,,YEs Dr ,, cutscenes are nice ,,buts just eyecandy not much more,,rnrnrntekken tag 2,,bears the same lobby system and online system,,like in tekken6 ,,and the online system isnt partiucary the best,,just look at mortal kombat ,,i'm sure tt2 can have a lobby like that one in mk9 and the rest of mk titles ,,rnrnrnthe ycould have left fight lab out,,and replaced it with something relevant,,like a decent story ;) ,,rnrnrnwhen i start the game and look at the select a character screen it looks pretty good ,,but after a while u would have hoped it coninued more like tekken4 and tekken 5 ,,,with those two game's formula ,,rnrnrn,,even so this game is revolutinary i nsome ways,,like the graphics ,,unique stages ,,and how the implemented new moves and so on and so on ,,rnrnrnrnrntt2 ruins alot of things and utterly cheap on many things ,,while good on many other things (alo compared to tekken6) ,,at the same time are pretty much Alike Tekken 6,,almost extremly alike;pp ;) but the whole game leaves me a question-mark ,,rnrnrnrnfighter lab should have been replaced with some kind of a story ,,even though opening movie are good enough ,,endings can be good and also fun to watch ,,but utemately in the end ,,they are pretty cheap ,,rnrnrnrnit gets a 7.0 bcoz all of the char u can choose ,,beatiful,,stages ,,the athmosphere is intense good,,speacially last stage in arcade mode,,wow ;) ,,it also gets 7.0 bcoz it implements new things and improve other hings ,,how they made char play in general in this,,is pretty well done ,, and also for the music and tunes ;) ,,rnrnrnrnsome impovements are only substansial or what the word is called ,,like heahachi is very much alike heihachi i ntekken6 just with a diff hair color,,rnrnrn ~~ well that is almost the truth,,what has been added to every char are,,are new moves and also the play a lil diff and so on,,implements ;)rnrnrnrnboss battle jun is pretty hard even o neasy difficult setting,,when i sat it to ultra hard it was more easier than on easy wtf ;) anyway almost impossible to beat last boss ;jun instantly ,,even with jump kicks ,,rnrnrnrnplay this game for nosalgia cuz it is not muc more ,,,,,rnrnrnrnrneven with the upcoming dlc ;prnrnrnrncombos and nostalgia not much more ;p,,but just spam kazya's cycle kick over and over and u will win also jun boss pretty easely,,but ai is unstable on all diff,,.

basecally there arent enough great options in this game,,when u come t othe seletct screen (not char slection screen which is something diff) ,,there are many options,,fro mthe getgo, u ahve the campaign,,time attack ,,extras videos t owatch,and so ont,,oo bad though,,because unfortunately the only good thing about this game is hwne u enter the char slection screen,,everything else is just shallow and dissapoinitng,,

online is good fun,not too much lag;p(but weak even if u can do combos ad juggles now,,has nothing to do with the matter that the online,,is just poor overall),,gameplay still fun and 2 player ,,all other modes are shallow and dissapointing,,

if uthought the campaing in tekken 6,,tekken 5 devil within mode,,tekken 4,,force something was bad ,,

the u did not saw ,,combot dot training,,worse campaign created by far ,,and also,,ridiclously hard,,specially when its not fun,,its not fun and hard (thats not a great mix;p) then u wil lregret play combot nonsense training,,its awfull and poorly executed and no fun at all,,

i really want to give this game,,lower than four stars but the strong gameplay and many fun,,char,,how the char plays,,they have never played this good,,they are spot on,,also the combos,,even plays better than tekken 6,,seems much faster more fast paced,,not as slow as tekken6 or tekken 4,,but more fast like tekken5,,the fighting is a mix of tekken 4 ,,5and 6 for me;p,,thats a good acomlpllishment;p ,,

many things are weak about this game,,like the bad endings,,weak opening sequense,,many cheap stuff bad menu screens,,char plays to much alike and so on,,as a whole this game could have been made a whole lot better i personally think,for me this as a tekke ngame is extremly bad at the same time very good and fun;) ,,but the strong gameplay and graphics for instance,,it cant resive lower than four stars;),.

u can still tag-team play nice;),,you can only play volley-ball mode and dress up like mario and luigi i nthe wii-u version of the game,,this is a dissapointment and a little sad news for me;p

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