Voting is open for which characters you want in TxSF

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Does this poll actually affect the game or it is just for kicks?

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Does this poll actually affect the game or it is just for kicks?

Namco claim it won't guarantee inclusion in the game. More than likely it'll be to separate which mainstays who are simple to implement are included or not, the Hondas, Blankas, Zangiefs, Bruces, Annas etc.

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I reckon this will affect the game since Capcom has been doing it with their fighting games (Cammy in SF 4, Strider for UMVC 3). No guarantees though but odds are the more unique characters from each game that have the most votes might end up in the game or perhaps get turned into DLC.

Can't recall everyone I picked but I remember picking Lee, Devil and Jinpachi for Tekken and Urien, and Gill for Street Fighter. I wonder if those Aegis Reflector combos might end up being make shift wall combos that he could do in the middle of a stage using Aegis Reflector.

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@FLStyle said:

I voted for Devil, Devil Jin, Jun, Kazuya and Unknown & Akuma, Dudley, Evil Ryu, Oro and Oni because I'm a sucker for transformations (with the exception of Dudley and Oro, they're just cool).

I was already under the assumption that both Jin and Ryu were in there but it doesn't hurt to include them I suppose.

If you click more then 5 a pop up says "This more or less does not  pick who will or will not be in the game"  But I picked some of the more unique people. . 
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SF: voted for Q, Hugo, Hakan, R. Mika, and Zangief

Tekken: voted for Armor King, Combot, Dragunov, Lei Wulong, and Jack

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I want Capcom to get the rights to Skullomania

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Tekken: Anna, Dr. Bosconovitch, Jun, Lee, Wang (I feel I may be dating myself a bit here)

Street Fighter: Dan, Go Hibiki (I would buy 10 copies if he got in), Rose, Seth, Zangief

Fuck they really went deep with some of their SF picks. Someone should start a Capt. Sawada support campaign because... BECAUSE!

EDIT: Holy shit, Go is pretty high up there, but why the fuck is Karin winning the vote for SF characters?

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My tekken characters, firstly, would be Armor King 2 and his official tag partner Roger Jr. because the first Armor king trained the original Roger in Tekken 2. Their rivals from Street Fighter would be Zangief because I want to see how good is he with his spinning pile driver and swinging clothesline on Armor King 2; and Zangief's official tag partner, T.Hawk because he is also from Mexico like King.

Next some of my other characters from tekken would be Jin Kazama and his official tag partner, Lars Alexanderson to fight against Street Fighter's Ken Masters and his official tag partner Fei Long because Jin used Fei Long's taunts in Street Fighter X Tekken and Lars and Ken both have blonde hair.

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Tekken: Armor King, Jinpachi, Dr. B, Jun and Zafina.
Street Fighter: Hakan, Hugo, Karin, Necro an Sodom.
I don't know if this voting still counts for soemthing, but i'm throwing my 2 cents in here.

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