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    Terrence Hood

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    Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood is the highest ranking officer in the UNSC navy. He is an experienced leader who is known for spearheading the defense of Earth against the invading Covenant forces. He gives the memorial speech to those who fell during the war at the end of Halo 3

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    Voiced by veteran actor Ron Perlman, Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood is the highest ranking officer in the UNSC Navy. Throughout the Halo series, Hood presents a father-like figure to the UNSC forces, guiding them through the Human-Convenant War. He is first introduced in the novel Halo: First Strike, listening to the first report on the destruction of Reach. During this meeting he also reveals he has been saved, as has the rest of the High Command, by the SPARTAN-IIs. During the Convenant's invasion of Earth, Hood had overall control from his Cairo station.


    Terrence Hood is the chairman of the UNSC security committee and is the commanding officer of all defensive forces on earth. He commands the planet's defenses, from orbit in the UNSC ODA-142 Cairo Station. Terrance Hood greatly respects all Spartans, not only because they have a good record, but they also saved his life. When halo 2 began, admiral hood presents John 117, Sergeant Johnson and Miranda Keyes with medals aboard the Cairo Station. In Halo 3, Hood is in overall command of earth's main defenses, with Miranda Keyes reporting directly to him. Hood accepts that for humanity to survive they have to ally themselves with the elites, but is not entirely happy with the plan. He leads the remaining human forces in a attack on the prophet of truth's dreadnought, but the attack was a failure when the forerunner artifact under New Mombasa activated, creating a portal to the Ark. When Master Chief, Commander Keyes and several Elite and human forces choose to follow the Prophet through the portal, Hood decides to stay behind to make a final stand on earth. He was born in 2492.

    Physical Description

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 195lbs

    Eye Color: Blue

    Home World: Earth

    Rank: Fleet Admiral


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