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The cruel side of Epigenetics

The Beast Inside I feel is another step-up in the AA-narrative-driven-horror game genre.

The game starts with you playing as Adam during the day time which is the puzzle and exploration dominated half, where your heart can usually rest easy. There are interesting detective sequences where you use a scanner to piece together past events in the forest. Some puzzles however can be quite challenging even when the protagonist gives you clues when you're stuck.

Every second chapter you play as Nicholas during the night time which is where the impressive horror showcasing takes place. The game is quite scary so if you're not acquainted with horror media this is not a place to start. The game executes a successfully haunting atmosphere, and there is the right amount of variance to jump-scares, combat, hide-and-seek and chase sequences to keep your interest.

Both protagonists initially have completely unrelated motivations and back stories associated with them, though as the game progresses their stories become more and more intertwined leading to a satisfying and thoughtful conclusion. The story deals with the concept of Epigenetics which eerily grounds it in reality.

While it's obvious this game does not try to objectively compete with AAA quality graphics or gameplay, the overall experience I gained definitely does. It was fun to play as Adam, the forest was a joy to investigate, the Nicholas sections made me so desperate for survival, the story becomes increasingly interesting and the ending was so awesome.

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