2K Announces The Darkness II For Fall

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#101 Posted by MisterMouse (3603 posts) -

I had completely forgotten about the first game...

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#102 Posted by WorldDude (130 posts) -
 To each either own man! It just did nothing that impressed me.
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#103 Posted by MonetaryDread (2795 posts) -
@Robitt:  That developer also worked on Unreal, UT 1, 2003, 2004.
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#104 Posted by mrfluke (5879 posts) -
@jakob187 said:
" PSYCHED!  I'm worried about Digital Extremes being on the project, as they don't have the greatest of track records.  Suffice it to say, the first game's overall gameplay was pretty stiff, but that's not why people played it.  You played the first game because the story, narrative, and characterization were fucking PHENOMENAL, and the twist mid-game was goddamn brutal and emotionally charge.  Here's to hoping for a bomb-ass game. "
@jakob187: amen brother the first one in my opinion had one of the best narratives this gen
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#105 Posted by DeathByWaffle (780 posts) -

Really enjoyed the first Darkness, had given up hope of there being a sequel. New developer makes me cautious, but I'll wait and see how things look

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#106 Posted by ArcLyte (930 posts) -

definitely weary of the developer switch too, the first game was so fucking good and starbreeze generally makes good stuff.

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#107 Posted by Gabriel (4136 posts) -

I can see why Bras Nicolson may like the Darkness.

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#108 Posted by Kinggi (318 posts) -

I adored the first Darkness and am will to give this a shot even if it is a different dev team. Hopefully they know what made the first game great.

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#109 Posted by Faint (837 posts) -

Shit yeah.

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#110 Posted by Chubbaluphigous (610 posts) -

The first one was excellent.  It even had working mirrors.  I will remain cautiously optimistic.  Digital Extreme does not have a history of making good games.

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#111 Posted by Tebbit (4590 posts) -

So, why isn't Starbreeze picking up where Starbreeze left off? Eh? Eh!?

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#112 Edited by John1912 (2397 posts) -

Well, I love the plot so far.  i think thats a great approach to focus on the Darkness itself.  The first was a real sleeper hit, and one of the more impressive games for its time.  I hope this can live up to that, but its not going to have the shock value of "i really wast expecting this to be such a great game" going for it this time around.  Its one of the better and prob underrated  IPs out there so I hope they treat it like it deserves.

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#113 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

No Starbreeze? No thanks!

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#114 Posted by myslead (953 posts) -

if I could like this like on facebook I would.

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#115 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6500 posts) -

I'm always down for more of The Darkness, original was great.

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#116 Posted by MezzerliptikJay (38 posts) -

The 1st one was epic and was like playing the role of the main character through a gripping movie, The storyline and Jackie Estacado’s quotes were what made this game great! i still have the 1st game installed on my Xbox harddrive and i still play through it from start to finish!
Great news for the 2nd i cant wait and hope its just as good as the 1st one!

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#117 Posted by wiII (119 posts) -
@Vodun said:

" No Starbreeze? No thanks! "

For me it's more like Digital Extremes?  No thanks!     
If it was passed on to anyone else at EA I'd still have faith, but Digital Extremes, not so much. 
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#118 Posted by kahl452 (39 posts) -

I don't remember the first one being any good. but that's just me. Maybe i should give it a second chance?

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#119 Posted by LiquidPrince (16891 posts) -


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#120 Posted by deactivated-5865c6a5c9438 (544 posts) -


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#121 Posted by Whitetiger13 (19 posts) -

I thought the first one was ok, looking forward to see how this turns out.

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#122 Posted by xavfin (26 posts) -

Digital Extremes? 
Digital Extremes?!?  
Original developers were too busy with eating meatballs or something?
Me being a Starbreeze Studios fan and having a recollection Dark Sector being not so good this news doesnt sound all that good eventhough Darkness II sounds good as I really liked the original. Hopefully this sequel will contain the minor diversions from normal fps action with talking to citizens and doing liltte sidequests for them.

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#123 Posted by fox01313 (5251 posts) -

The first one was so incredible with the sound work & Mike Patton. Will have to wait & see on this sequel. If anyone is curious to play the first one it should be quite cheap by now (< $10).

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#124 Posted by 01001011 (26 posts) -

I did quite enjoy the 1st game, so I'll be keeping an eye on this one for now. 
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#125 Posted by duhjeenyus (4 posts) -

I still need to finish the first one. It's probably not going to happen with the backlog of better games I have to play.

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#126 Posted by count_zero (461 posts) -
@duhjeenyus said:
" I still need to finish the first one. It's probably not going to happen with the backlog of better games I have to play. "
I made it partway through the game, but I kind of ran into the double whammy of motion sickness (which happens occasionally when I play FPS games, but not with most modern ones), and some obnoxious bugs (for example, I left the game on when Jackie was watching "To Kill A Mockingbird" with his girlfriend, and I dozed off. When I woke up, we were on loop two... and Jackie's girlfriend had fallen asleep, and now Jackie couldn't get up from the couch.)
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#127 Posted by Nobler (64 posts) -

I wonder if Mike Patton is releasing a coinciding "soundtrack" with the game. 75 minutes of throat-gurgling and yelping.

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