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So who else lost there social life to this game

So after almost two weeks , i am ready to review this life altering game.It would not be fare to say that me like many other gamers are biased when reviewing such a great game franchise, which has put out great games. Bethesda a company that releases legendary open world RPGs i.e Fallout 3, Morrowind, and Oblivion canning the phrase Bethesda RPG. With fun game play, and a great story, but such a thing is not without cost with allot of the bugs Bethesda games are know for, plus some texture issues.

To begin with lets talk about the main story/quest, it is an awe inspiring experience with great characters,locations, and a story that will leave you feeling like a bad ass.I found myself going to learn from the graybeards about the secrets of the thu'm, dungeon crawling with Delphine a retired blade,and ultimately learning about the return of the dragons , and how to defeat them.On my way i stopped by in towns, dungeons, and ruins which unlike oblivion all have there own unique designs. I never saw a reused building, corridor, or layout which varied the game play.The story just wraps you in from the start.You start out on your way to your own execution when you get to the headman's block your first dragon appears but you have to run, eventually fighting your first dragon discovering that you are the dragon born the only person who can truly kill a dragon racking up 30 hours of game play along the way.

With such an awesome story the game play is so much better with dual casting, and wielding, an expansive open world, and the new crafting system.Lets talk about combat the two new features are the slow-mo kills, and and the new dual wield system but even with these upgrades it can still feel like your whacking things with a Nerf bat. As far as the world goes it is humongous with 9 major cities, at least 20 towns, hundreds of dungeons, and multiple factions to join, and the ability to become a werewolf or vampire makes this a behemoth of an RPG. One new feature to the game play is the crafting system with smithing you can create your own armor or weapons, then there's enchanting in which you can imbue an item with magical properties, and alchemy which allows you to create potions or poisons. All of this add allot of value to this game.

I have to inform you all of the problems with the game such as the texture problems and glitches the game has on the Xbox 360. There are many glitches such as frame rate drops, NPCs always thinking your sick, people randomly twitching until they shoot up into the air,and horses walking up trees. But such is to be expected of a Bethesda game. Another problem with the game is some texture issues most textures look dated and fuzzy plus there are some major texture pop-in problems.

So all in all Skyrim is a great game with many great features. It has a great story, and awesome game play, with a few problems.So for this review i have to give Skyrim a 4.5 out of 5 you should definitely buy this game i would strongly recommend it to anyone. Later, i got to go play Skyrim.

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