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XBL Gamertag
That Oneself

With The King of Fighters out next week in North America and Europe, I'm thinking we should share our gamertag/online ID so we could all play online. Make sure to state whether you have Xbox Live or PSN and you location.

PSN: JonMcBon

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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@McBonJon: If you are going to make one of these threads, you should organize all the info in a nice table. Helps a lot so people don't have to go through pages of text to find people.

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@JJOR64 said:

@McBonJon: If you are going to make one of these threads, you should organize all the info in a nice table. Helps a lot so people don't have to go through pages of text to find people.

What he said.

Also, PSN: PrimeSynergy

YOU COME AT THE KING, YOU BEST NOT MISS. (this will be my first KOF game...please don't hurt me)

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@JJOR64 @BabyChooChoo Thanks for the input guys. I'll be checking this out every day and updating my first post, to keep things easy to find.

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#6 Posted by MelficeVKM (161 posts) -

PSN: MelficeVKM

My first KOF game too, hyped!

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PSN: jkuc75sj

I played '99, but I'm no good yet! And I got it yesterday!

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Throw me into the PSN mix. I'm Wossamotta_U on there. I have not played a proper King of Fighters game beyond '94 and the first GBA game, so I am anxiously awaiting this game as well.

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XBL: That Oneself

Time Zone: Central Standard Time (Minnesota)

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Necrotrophic xbox, east coast (pennsylvania)

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PSN: SuperWristBands

Location: Manitoba, Canada.

I'mma go ahead and add all of you in here on the PS3 in a bit. Oh, also, I am shit at this game, like I am with all fighting games. There is just something about fighting games that I can't resist.

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So is there any community here on Giant Bomb? Should I bother getting this game?

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@TechHits: I am playing the game on and off due to some end-of-semester business, so I haven't played any of GB folks here. Also, it's sort of hard to set-up a community game night for it because it has no lobby system or spectator mode. I am enjoying the game, but I am mostly just playing random folks in ranked match when I have the chance.

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PSN ID: Daelock

Don't have this yet, but planning on picking it up.

California, USA.

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Heya Duders! After so many tries, I finally won my 1st match! I'll be adding y'all PSN IDs tommorow!

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Do you all still play this game? I would like people to play with.

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