Absent from E3 2018?

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#1 Posted by skuski (172 posts) -

Can anyone confirm whether this game was shown anywhere at E3 2018? I cannot find anything...

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#2 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

Apparently they decided to skip it:

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#3 Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

The M.I.A. game I thought we were going to see more of is Left Alive.

Remember this?

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#4 Posted by breq (107 posts) -

@theht said:

Apparently they decided to skip it:

Good, I rather they keep working on the game and not some demo of it. Can't wait for this one!

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#5 Edited by NTM (11872 posts) -

The game looks really cool, so I'm glad to see they're still working on it. It felt weird to not hear anything about it since last year. I keep forgetting the name of this game because there's just not many updates on it, but it definitely looks like something to keep an eye on. It looks like a great way to modernize pixel art and induce a lot of atmosphere into it. Here's a video from last year of Tim Soret talking about it (mainly the trailer).

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#6 Posted by extintor (1105 posts) -

Another E3 passes and nothing new...

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#7 Edited by Jesus_Phish (3900 posts) -

@extintor: At the start of the year it came out that they ran into legal and financial issues and had to start looking for new investors. It looks like they're trying to hire by the end of the year to start up development again.

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#8 Posted by gkhan (1103 posts) -
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#9 Posted by extintor (1105 posts) -

@jesus_phish: thanks for that information. Crikey. They've really got a long way to go it seems.

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