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eShop Game Review: Link's Awakening DX 0

In a move that is both appropriate for the eventual release of the next portable Zelda adventure, Ocarina of Time 3D, and for Nintendo to dig into the franchise's 25th anniversary, the Game Boy Color remake of the original masterpiece is here on the 3DS eShop.The idea of Link exploring a non-Hyrule land here hasn't been the first time. But even when you compare it to something like Majora's Mask, the island our hero crashed onto is still something entirely weird and different for the series. It'...

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The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Link 0

I don't think there are any Zelda games with a narrative as emotionally impactful as that of Link's Awakening. While the "it was all a dream" gimmick as a narrative mechanic is often derided as a total copout, and rightfully so, here it works in a way that really toys with your role as hero. Completing your quest (and in turn waking from your dream) means destroying the island you've helped save and erasing the relationships you've forged with the island's many inhabitants (of which there are m...

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Excellent game all around, Zelda or not 0

December 25, 1993. The first present I opened that morning was my first Game Boy, along with two games: Tetris, a staple in those days, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, the newest chapter in Nintendo's successful adventure franchise, as well as Link's first foray into Game Boy. Over a course of many months, I slowly but surely progressed through Link's Awakening, and even as other games came along, it remained my favourite game on the original Game Boy. October 1998. A fevered pitch is...

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Not the best Zelda, but still quite good 0

So I finally got around to playing this! And well, it's pretty good! But it's not super excellent. It's better than the two Zeldas for the NES but not better than any other Zelda I can think of.  This is Zelda, and it plays like Zelda, so I won't talk about the gameplay in detail. There's eight dungeons, at the end of each one there's a relic of some sort that you have to collect, there's an ocarina, a sword, a shield, and a lot of running around finding stuff. Tadaaa! Zelda gameplay!  So what w...

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Stupid? Silly? With Just A Hint of Mario 0

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is lying to your right off the bat: There is no Zelda in this title. There is also no Hyrule. Link's Awakening DX was recently re-released on the Nintendo 3DS as part of the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and if you weren't around to play the game in its original incarnation, boy is it weird, it's almost a parody of Zelda. Link's Awakening, as mentioned previously, does not take place in Hyrule. Rather, Link is stranded on Koholint island, where he gathers h...

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