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Prince Thunderaan with Thundefury.
Prince Thunderaan with Thundefury.
Ragnaros, along with his lieutenants Garr and Baron Geddon, defeated Thuunderaan, Prince of Air, who was the wielder of the sword. Ragnaros could not fully destroy the essence of Thunderaan so he force what remained into a talisman and shattered it. The two halves were given to his lieutenants which became known as the 'Bindings of the Windseeker'. 
However ages after, the two halves found their way into the hands of one of Thunderaan's followers, Highlord Demitrian. He fixed the talisman back together however was unable to release his master. After realising he would not be able to bring back his master in his true form, he crafted a sword from elementium and the electrical remains of Thunderaan, the sword would hold the power of the Prince of Air.

World of Warcraft

The blade was one of the first weapons released in World of Warcraft which was of Legendary item quality. It is a level 60 one-handed sword which is acquired through a very long and expensive quest chain. The quest chain requires the player to collect both the left and right halves of the 'Bindings of the Windseeker' from Molten Core as drops off Garr and Baron Geddon, as well as having to craft 10 Elementium bars and loot the 'Essence of the Firelord'.


Stats of Thunderfury in World of Warcraft.
Stats of Thunderfury in World of Warcraft.

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