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Trine 2: Frozenbyte Returns Gamers to its Fanciful World 0

In 2009 Trine introduced us to a kingdom where Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief (ahem. I believe that's entrepreneur), and Pontius the knight were forced to begrudgingly work cooperatively to overcome the effects and secrets of an artifact called the Trine. In Trine 2, the story picks up with Amadeus being transported back to the kingdom where our heroes are coerced to cooperate once again for the good of the Kingdom.As the pages of the storybook turn, the narration ends, and the first level o...

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A beautiful, fun puzzle-platformer. 0

With this almost being the middle of December and all, I thought I'd be all done with games that could really "wow" me, but Trine 2 proves that 2011 just keeps being better and better as far as video game releases go.So Trine 2 is the sequel to the original Trine, a 2009 platformer where the premise is going through side-scrolling stages, fighting enemies and solving environmental puzzles via the ability to freely switch between 3 types of character: a Knight who proves himself mostly in combat,...

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Graphically, this is perhaps the most beautiful game ever 0

I mentioned when I wrote about the first Trine how much of a stellar experience that was. In the second installment it's pretty easy to point fingers and at least take wild guesses at how and where improvements should be focused. Note must have been taken because this pretty much covers what wasn't great in the first, although not much on that subject could actually be said.Graphically this shines as much as, it pushes the boundaries even further though still remaining somewhat outshone merely ...

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A gorgeous game bogged down by excessive, unrefined additions 0

For my money the original Trine was pretty close to perfect. It taught its character-swapping gameplay and let you focus on the clever physics puzzles, it was absolutely gorgeous to look at and -- most importantly -- it didn’t overstay its welcome. It’s a lean, focused indie classic whose only fault is that its boring combat is mostly there to break up the puzzle sequences. Trine 2 doesn’t stray far from that formula and starts out strong but the additions to the gameplay managed to kill my exci...

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Cheaper and better than the original 0

I got Trine with the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle and was impressed with its amazing graphics and interesting gameplay. When I heard Trine 2 was coming out for only $15 I knew I wanted it. After I got it I quickly finished it on single player.I spent considerably less time in Trine 2 than I did in Trine, largely because the achievements were much easier. I played through the game on hard and got most of the experience vials but not all of them. To a degree I’d like to get all of it for the sake of c...

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No real flaws in this simple pretty co-op platformer 0

It is 2.5D, it is very pretty, it is meant to be played with up to 3 buddies and it has physics puzzles. It's good.It is difficult to find a flaw with this platformer since it keeps things small and simple, and it is difficult to call the smallness and simplicity a flaw since the game costs appropriately. You get a choice out of 3 players and you move to the end of the level, using your physics-based powers to defeat enemies and navigate hazards. The visuals show off a variety of well-designed e...

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