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Trivial Pursuit is a boardgame created in 1979 by Canadian Scott Abbott. It became one of the most popular board games of all time, challenging peoples knowledge of Popular culture, Sport, Art and Science.
The game was developed by EA Bright Light, a UK-based casual games developer.

The Modes

 Questions being asked is what this game is all about
 Questions being asked is what this game is all about

Classic Mode:

The classic version of Trivial Pursuit.
In this mode you must accumulate a pie wedge for each category. When you have managed to get every wedge you go on to choose a category in which, if you answer correctly, you win the game. This is a little different than the standard rules of Trivial Pursuit where the other players would choose what category the winner had to answer.

Clear the board:

Clear the board is a single player version of the classic mode, where you try to get the most points but still manage to get all the wedges.
 You can only land on each space one time, so answering a high percentage of the questions is necessary to achieve success.

Facts and Friends:

In this mode there is only one wedge for each category. This makes for a hectic battle to get the most popular wedge. 
Before each question is asked, your opponent can bet if you can answer it correctly, and they can even steal a piece if they know the answer but you don't.  

Downloadable Content

 The downloadable content for Trivial Pursuit consists of the following question packs: 
  • Movie Pack (free)
  • Trivial Pursuit TV Pack (400MSP)
  • Sports Pack (400MSP)
Each pack contains hundreds of questions. At the start of each mode the player can choose a pack or a mix of all the available ones that'll make up the question pool for that game. 
Trivial Pursuit is also available on the Xbox 360 Games on Demand catalog at $19.99.

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