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    A first-party PlayStation Move title that mimics game like Boom Blox and Jenga, while having a flair of Tetris.

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    Tumble is one of the first games to use the PlayStation Move exclusively while being a downloadable game. It contains gameplay similar to Boom Blox, Jenga, and Tetris, while keeping its own style.  It can be played with two motion controllers for either two player co-op, single player dual hands, or two player versus.  

    Single Player

    Tumble's single player takes place in a number of zones that progressively get harder as they move on.  The object is to fulfill medal requirements that can range from stacking the highest blocks, placing a number of blocks, or exploding a number of blocks for a requested point total. 
    The single player contains four primary game types. 


    The basic standard of what to expect.  It contains blocks that the user must use to stack to a certain hight.  Starting off, the game gives the user all the blocks, but later on the user must chose three at a time, while the game randomizes the next three blocks.   


    The object of this mode is to simply stack as many blocks as you can onto the platform.  Hight doesn't matter as the user is just required to fill a number of blocks for a medal.  It progressively gets harder as the shapes are much harder to place, and require much more thinking than the standard Stacking mode. 


    Similar to Boom Blox, the user is given a tower to explode that is in the center of a dart board placed on the ground.  The user is given a set number of bombs to place on any location on the tower, and when finished, is required to explode them.  The further the blocks fly, the higher the point totals.

    Light Puzzle

    The level has a laser that needs to be reflected around the screen to hit a certain number of different points around the level. The player is provided only a small number of blocks, some of them reflective, some of them glass (so that the lazer can pass through).


    Tumble's multiplayer contains both single wand, and dual wand use.   
    In the single wand mode, players are given the chance to take turns in stacking a tower.  The one who destroys the tower and loses more points, ends up losing the game.  Think of it as reverse Jenga.  The tower needs to be built by the players, and the one who wrecks it...loses. 
    In multi-wand mode, the gamers must race to build the highest tower. The game doesn't judge on hight totals, but rather speed. The camera will always follow the highest tower, so the object is to get the camera to kill the shorter tower.   


    In single player, the player can use two wands at once for some interesting effects.  With a wand in both hands, the player can hold two blocks while changing up the camera at the same time.

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