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    Turanga Leela

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    Leela is the competent, one-eyed captain of the Planet Express Ship. Abandoned as a baby, she grew up in an Orphanarium believing herself to be an alien from an unknown race. She later learns that she is actually a mutant from the sewers.

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    Leela is a mutant abandoned at birth by her parents, not wanting her to lead a horrible life in the sewers. She lived believing she was a alien until she discovered her parents and learned the truth. Originally she worked as the Occupations Officer at the Cryogenics lab which Franklin J. Fry was frozen at until the year 3000. Her job was to screen defrosted people and assign them new careers. However after Fry resisted the idea of a new job she ended up quitting and now  works at Planet Express as the captain of the company delivery ship.

    She tends to be the most competent and intelligent member of the crew, as well as the most physically fit. While the others goof off and often put the ship at risk, she is usually the person who does the thinking and winds up saving the day. Her orders and generally buttoned-down attitude breed resentment from time to time, but the other crew members consider her a friend and they usually remain as such. Leela does not appear to have much of a life outside of her job, she has spoken of preparing her meals an entire month in advance and then freezing them. Her apartment consists of nothing but a television set and a chair, and she has been known to buy underwear in bulk. Her love life generally lacks excitement as well, although Fry has shown great interest in her for a long time. She usually rejects his advances however. She does have an unwanted suitor in the form of Captain Zapp Brannigan, who she once slept with and now regrets ever meeting. Her only steady companion is an alien she discovered who she calls "Nibbler."

     She has been in one game, Futurama The Game.


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