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    Dr. Zoidberg

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    The staff Doctor for Planet Express in Futurama.

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    Dr. John Zoidberg is the staff doctor for the Planet Express Company of New New York City. He is an alien lobster creature from the planet Decapod 10. While he dreamed of becoming a stand-up comedian as a child, he was discouraged by his relatives and instead ended up going to medical school. He still occasionally attempts to perform in public, with poor results. Despite his profession, Zoidberg actually appears to know very little about human physiology, mistaking males for females and arms for legs and so on. His most accurate medical knowledge has been revealed to actually come from television commercials. He speaks with a Yiddish accent like many of the other members of his species. He has claws on both for hands and feet that are strong enough to sever human limbs.

    Zoidberg is very unpopular with his co-workers. Many dislike him either for his incompetence or because of his incredibly poor hygiene and lack of manners. He is also fairly unliked on his homeworld, struggling to find a mate. Despite his career in medicine Zoidberg actually lives in intense poverty. His investing skills appear to be very poor, he seems to consider a sandwich a worthy trade for his company stock option. He apparently lacks a proper home and instead lives in whatever random spaces he can squeeze into. His lack of finances also prevent him from eating very often which gives him a voracious appetite. He has been seen eating out of the garbage in the past and appears willing and able to eat things that are not considered food, like picnic baskets and drapery. The smell of anchovies has been known to drive him to madness. While his species wiped them off the planet when they first arrived on Earth, he is still able to instantly recognize their smell.

    He appears both in the Futurama game as himself and in The Simpsons Game as one of The Creator's minions.


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