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    The Simpsons Game

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Oct 06, 2007

    Team up as Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa as you enter a strange and vast video game world, with parodies of popular series like EverQuest, Medal of Honor, and Grand Theft Auto. Popluar video-game characters such as Sonic and Mario have their own parodies too.

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    Familiar landmarks from the series
    Familiar landmarks from the series

    The Simpsons Game is an action platformer for the Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and Nintendo DS (each platform has its own exclusive box art design). The game features locales and characters commonly featured in the Simpsons TV series. The game follows Bart as he finds a manual to "The Simpsons Game" and, with it, gains video game like powers for not only him, but his entire family. The Simpsons family then proceeds to spoof several popular video games, such as EverQuest, Call of Duty /Medal Of Honor and Grand Theft Auto.

    The game play is very similar to the Lego platforming game series, with similar features such as its inclusion of drop in, drop out co-operative play.

    The game also features voice overs from all of the cast of the TV series, each reprising their roles as their respective characters.


    Land of Chocolate

    Tutorial level for Homer. Homers dream his way into the Land of Chocolate. The same place he dreams his way into in episode "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" while speaking to the new German power plant owners.

    Bartman saves the day
    Bartman saves the day

    Bartman Begins

    Bart finds the manual to "The Simpsons Game" and finds out that he is in a video game and has super powers. He meets Homer and together they go on an adventure to try out their powers. They eventually ends up in the Springfield museum where they stop the local bullies from stealing ancient artifacts.

    Around the World in 80 Bites

    Homer enters a food eating contest. The level has little to do with eating, the objective is to reach the end of the stage before timer reaches zero.

    Lisa the Tree Hugger

    Lisa learns about her super powers and convinces Bart to help her stop Mr. Burns from chopping down a forest.

    Mob Rules

    Marge learns that her super power is the ability to assemble mobs and order them around. Together with Lisa, she uses her super powers to prevent the promotion and sales of the new violent video game "Grand Theft Scratchy".

    Enter the Cheatrix

    Alien mutants invades Springfield and Bart and Lisa goes to look for the help of Professor Frink. At the Professor's house they find his Rift Portal machine and uses it to enter the game's engine. They find Frink, but a giant gorilla (that looks like Donkey Kong) kidnaps him. Bart and Lisa must now travel trough the engine to find and save Professor Frink.

    The Day of the Dolphin

    Bart and Lisa battle dolphins turned evil by the alien mutants. A call back to the Halloween episode from season 12.

    Shadow of the Colossal Donut

    The Alien mutants brings the giant Lard Lad statue to life and it is up to Homer and Bart to stop it from destroying Springfield. Another call back to a Halloween episode, this time from season 7.

    Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers

    Bart and Homer battles the Alien mutants to saves Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel from being anally probed.

    Bargain Bin

    Unable to stop the Alien invasion, the family goes looking for game cheats on the Internet. By accident they end up in the game engine again and comes face to face with Will Wright. Will Wright is busy destroying earlier obsolete Simpsons game cartridges in an attempt to make more people play his new game, Sim Sandwich. Inside one of the game cartridges an earlier version of the Simpsons family is trapped. Homer and Bart have to run through the level and save the family before the game cartridge is destroyed.

    Game Engine

    After stopping Will Wrights evil plan the family learns that they may stop the alien invasion by confronting their creator. But to reach him they need to obtain four key cards by playing through four other Simpsons games. They also meet Professor Frink, who tells them about their new powers that they now have gained.

    Grand Theft Scratchy

    Marge and Lisa enters a Grand Theft Auto clone were they meet gangster versions of Itchy and Scratchy, Pimp mice and Prostitute cats. Marge and Lisa fight to clean up the world and remove all the "terrible" things the game offers. At the end they receive a key card by defeating Poochie the dog.

    Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game

    Homer and Lisa enters a Japanese styled game were they need to battle the evil Mr. Dirt ( Milhouse made to look like the King Of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy) minions in order to release Mr. Sparkle and receive a key card as an award.

    Homer blowing it up in Medal of Homer
    Homer blowing it up in Medal of Homer

    Medal of Homer

    Homer and Bart enters a World War II game. This "game" is divided into three stages. The first stage is a collection mission. Admiral Abe Simpson orders Homer and Bart to collect all the white flags in a French village so the "cheese eating surrender monkeys" won't be able to surrender. Second stage is a escort mission in Africa and third stage is on a carrier. On the carrier Homer and Bart needs to find Private C. Montgomery Burns and take back the paintings he took from the French village for "safe-keeping". Once the paintings are returned Homer and Bart receives a key card as a reward.

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    A fantasy game in which Marge and Homer battles their way into a dragon's den. They receive a key card after defeating the twin headed Patty-and- Selma-dragon.

    Five Characters in Search of an Author

    Homer and Bart battles their way into their creators mansion. Fighting clones of Bender and Zoidberg along the way. They confront their creator, Matt Groening. But in the end he manages to escape, but not before he presses the video game self-destruct button.

    Game Over

    Failing to end the alien invasion by confronting Matt Groening, the Simpsons decide to confront God. Lisa uses her powers to build a stairway to heaven and the whole Simpsons family fights their way through heaven to find God.


    • Homer's Duff Bottle Caps
    • Marge's Try-N-Save Coupons
    • Lisa's Malibu Stacy Seals
    • Bart's Krusty Kollectible Koupons
    • Video Game Cliché Moments

    Playable Characters


    Powers: Burp stun, Homer Ball, Gummi Homer and Helium Homer.


    Powers: Slingshot, cape glide and grapple hook.


    Powers: Saxophone stun, Saxophone spin and Hand of Buddha.


    Powers: Megaphone blow back, Deploy Maggie and Gather Mob.

    Maggie (only when playing as Marge)

    Powers: firing her dummy/pacifier to use buttons, switches and tune valves.

    Downloadable Content Plans

    According to the game's main menus, EA planned for DLC to be made before the game was released but those plans were obviously scrapped.

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    The Simpsons Game requires 4.7 GB of space to be installed on an Xbox 360 HDD.


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