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    Sandwiches are usually meat, cheese and/or vegetables placed between two slices of bread. They are featured in many video games, usually to replenish health.

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    A sandwich is a food item found in various games, and usually heals the player. In real life they can often be found satiating people's hunger through the method of oral consumption. They are usually made with at least three different ingredients which are: bread, meat, condiments. More complex sandwiches have different kinds of vegetables (lettuce), fruits (tomatoes), and dairy products (cheese) added to them for more variation in flavor.

    Contrary to their health-giving representation in games, real sandwiches can actually be unhealthy - especially if consumed in large numbers - leading prominent sandwich vendors such as Subway scrambling to avoid PR pickles.

    Appearance in Games

    One of the most notable appearances of a sandwich in a video game is in Team Fortress 2. First appearing in a promotional video for the game entitled 'Meet the Sandvich', the game's 'sandvich' is an item which heals the Heavy class in the game and has become very popular among fans.


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