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Best in the series!

It seems like every long running Franchise ends up with some stinkers. They also have a few gems or they wouldn't have made the million iterations of the game. Twisted Metal 2 is the high point of the series and quite possibly the apex of the destruction derby genre. While it's not as gritty as the original the wacky ass art direction and anime influences of this game, set the tone for the rest series and many imitators. This game has plenty of power-ups, very bouncy - yet perfectly fitting over the top controls and physics, a nice map selection and each car has special moves. This a winning formula that has yet to be repeated to this level. The cut scenes are classic. It's easy to see the connection between this game and God Of War (also made by the same designer David Jaffe). Think ultimate rampaging mayhem on wheels with guns, missiles, flame throwers, lightning, turbo and you'll have Twisted Metal 2.

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