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Ultimate Stuntman is an action game developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Codemasters and published by Camerica in 1990. Like many other Camerica releases for the NES, Ultimate Stuntman was never granted official licensing by Nintendo and came with a switch on their own cartridges that allowed players to switch between region codes.


Featuring 8 worlds with 4 stages and a boss fight in each, Ultimate Stuntman offered a variety of gameplay styles, with each stage within a world catering to specific genre.


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During these stages, the player has to manoeuver a variety of vehicles from boats and gliders to cars and dune buggys and avoid obstacles along the way while keeping to a time-limit. Players also have to dodge and kill enemies whilst managing a speed-boost system. This mode is always viewed from a top-down perspective.

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Two differing modes take place here, the first being a standard action platformer where the player must traverse the environment, killing enemies and collecting keys to proceed. The second features another hand-gliding style system, this time from a side-on view.

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Here the player must climb to the top of a building whilst shooting enemies by timing buttons presses linked to a reticle moving across the screen before time runs out.

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Bomb Disposal

This stage consists of puzzle-like elements that require the player to unsolder chips from a bomb within the time frame. Having to reset the stage because of an error, leaves the player with less time to complete the task.


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Techno Beast (Mk I, II & III)

Featured at the end of worlds 1, 4 & 7.

Uses an eye-laser and jump attack for 2 hit points of damage each.

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Mega Slug (Mk I & II)

Featured at the end of worlds 2 & 5.

Fires mini slugs and attacks with tentacles if close enough. Weak spot is his exposed eye.

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Sand Yeti (Mk I & II)

Featured at the end of worlds 3 & 6.

Uses a rising attack from under the ground. Also fires rock projectiles.

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Doctor Evil

The final boss of the game, featured at the end of world 8.

Uses four gun turrets which can be taken out one by one.


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