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    Ultra Space Battle Brawl

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 05, 2018

    Ultra Space Battle Brawl combines Pong and Baseball for multiplayer battles.

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    Ultra Space Battle Brawl is an arcade game with mostly one player versus one player (1v1) dynamics, heavily inspired by the classic game, Pong. Players start on opposite sides of the screen, trying to tap a ball over to the opponent. The difference here is that each side tries to protect a crystal, which can only take a select amount of hits before breaking. If the crystal shatters, the round goes to the person who broke it. This crystal integrity is measured in a health bar on top of the screen, much like in traditional fighting games. Crystals are surrounded by chicks, which have to be hit with the ball to remove the chick and open spots in the enemy's defense.

    Underneath this health bar is an Ultra meter, which can be activated once it's full. Each character has their own special version of an Ultra ability that has different effects. Some attacks are offensive in nature, providing more attack power, while other Ultra abilities will alter the playing field, such as creating a force field that traps the ball or launching a swarm of flies that halts momentum.


    Donna, seen as a elite socialite. Their Ultra traps the ball in a void.
    Donna, seen as a elite socialite. Their Ultra traps the ball in a void.

    There are two main modes in Ultra Space Battle Brawl, a simple versus mode with a few options for variance, along with a campaign that provides some small lore for the selected character at the start. Beating the game also reveals another story bit, similar to games like Street Fighter II. Each stage in the story mode is set on one of the planets of our solar system. Each stage alters the way the crystals and chicks are set up. Some playing fields displace the crystal or increase its size, others have multiple crystals.

    The third round of the story is always a small bonus stage where players have to hit a series of twenty chicks as they appear on screen and before they disappear. If all twenty targets are hit, the player is rewarded by having a full Ultra meter at the start of the next round.

    Raden, the boss, with their Jack of all Trades Ultra.
    Raden, the boss, with their Jack of all Trades Ultra.

    The last stages also change the normal 1v1 dynamic, such as having to fight two different enemies at once. The final encounter is always set on a planet against Raden, who has the Jack of all Trades Ultra, meaning they can perform a random Ultra whenever their meter is full. Additionally, this final planet also has floating rocks that bounce around and break into bits when struck, like in Asteroids.

    There are two different difficulty settings for the campaign: Normal and Ultra. In this mode, stages are decided in a best of three rounds. Beating the story additionally unlocks art in the game's gallery. These art assets also include guest art, which are credited to their respective artists.


    Ultra Space Battle Brawl has ten different characters, not counting the boss of the game, Raden. Each selected character has a varying degree of four meters: Power, Speed, Attack Range and Attack Speed.

    Here are the ten characters, along with their Ultra ability shown in the select screen:

    No Caption Provided
    • Djarwani - Power Smash
    • Budi - Legion of Flies
    • Yayuk - Wall of Knowledge
    • Akifu - Fast Fingers
    • Donna - Vacuum Void
    • Robin - Doppelganger
    • Dolah - Invisiball
    • Brodin - Ball Chop
    • Tumini - Minion Snatcher
    • Nyammo - Air Slash


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