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    Uranus is one of the planets in our Solar System

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    Uranus is considered the most important planet, along with Neptune, and Saturn, in the solar system, due to its low gravity well, radiation, and escape velocity, this is the most popular planet due to its abundance of resources in the planet, and its unique system of orbit.

    As a planet, its considered an Ice Giant, like Neptune, its atmosphere is filled with ices, such as water, ammonia, methane and the usual finding of hydrocarbons located in the atmosphere, the planet also has traits such as a magnetosphere, an odd ring system, and numerous moons.

    The ring system is unique cause it was originally considered that Saturn was the only planet to have moons, close observations on Uranus have led to believe that there is a ring system located on Uranus, now here's the twist, the Ring system is located on its axis, the axis of rotation of rotation is tilted side ways so instead of the Earth standard left to right, its moving up and down to rotate, the ring system is located on this axis, so if you ever see Uranus, you will see the ring system.

    The Moons on Uranus are Titania, Miranda, Ariel, Umriel, and Oberon, are considered unique in there own right, mainly cause they are so massive they have achieves status of Hydrostatic Equilebrium, meaning that the the gravity on them moons have been balanced by a pressurizing force that moves in the opposite direction, if mining were to ever occur, these would be the moons of choice to setup base camp, the are many other inner moons, most being irregularly shaped, but these would be considered as mining bases for metals.

    Mining for Helium-3 on Uranus would be eventual, mainly cause it is the most promising target for mining, low escape velocity, and good system of moons, make it a promising and yet easy target for such mining companies.


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