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    Undead Parish

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    A low-level area in Dark Souls containing a monastery guarded by twin Bell Gargoyles, and a ruined church.

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    The Undead Parish serves as the second major area in the intended player progression through Dark Souls, after the Undead Burg. The most prominent feature of this area is the large monastery containing a chapel and living quarters; twin Bell Gargoyles guard the Bell of Awakening located on the monastery's roof. Oswald of Carim, an NPC merchant, can be found in the bell tower after ringing the first Bell. Additionally, Lautrec of Carim is imprisoned inside the monastery and can be optionally freed from his cell. After rescuing Rhea of Thorolund from the Tomb of the Giants, she will appear in the main chapel and offer training in Miracles. An important item for progression, the Basement Key, is located behind the main portcullis leading into the monastery and grants access to the Lower Undead Burg.

    Across a small bridge from the monastery lies a ruined church where Andre of Astora has established himself as a blacksmith. The old church also connects to Darkroot Garden and, later in the game, Sen's Fortress.


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