Prowling Demon

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    A powerful enemy type in Dark Souls, found in only a few locations. Also known as Titanite Demons, they were born from the legendary Titanite Slabs after the blacksmith god's death.

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    A Prowling Demon, also called a Titanite Demon, is a type of enemy in Dark Souls. Its HP and attack power vary between locations, but it is always large and dangerous, acting as a sort of miniboss in some areas. Once killed, it will not respawn, with the exception of the super-powerful specimen in Lost Izalith.

    The Demon isn't very fast-moving, thanks to a missing leg, but can jump long distances. It attacks using the Titanite Catch Pole it wields, plus lightning projectiles. Its long tail can also deal damage.

    Killing one will net the player a piece or two of Demon Titanite, which can be used to upgrade certain special weapons. Rarely, it will also drop a useable Titanite Catch Pole.


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