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    Lost Izalith

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    The lava-drenched ruins of an ancient city in Dark Souls that was destroyed when the Witch of Izalith accidentally created the Bed of Chaos.

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    Lost Izalith is a late-game subterranean area in Dark Souls. It consists of the ancient stone city of Izalith surrounded by a lava lake filled with powerful demons. This area's structures display heavy Dravidian influence in their architectural designs, comparable to the real-world Angkor Wat.

    Long ago, the Witch of Izalith and her Daughters of Chaos lived in Izalith, a magnificent city built far beneath the surface of Lordran. The underground location was likely chosen so that the Witch and her followers could remain close to the flames that represented not only their pyromancy, but also the source of all life in the world, the First Flame. Izalith was destroyed when the Witch of Izalith ambitiously attempted to recreate the First Flame; instead, this act consumed the Witch and many of her Daughters in an uncontrolled blast of magical energy. It also gave birth to a twisted being known as the Bed of Chaos, the source of all demons.

    Lost Izalith can only be accessed after the player has placed the Lordvessel at Firelink Altar. It connects to the Demon Ruins through two passages: one of these lies past the Centipede Demon's boss arena and across the lake of lava, while the second is a long stone bridge spanning over the lake that leads straight into the city itself. However, the bridge shortcut is locked behind a massive stone door that can only be opened by members of the Chaos Servant covenant with a +2 rank or higher.

    The large lava lake surrounding Lost Izalith is populated by difficult Bounding Demon enemies which are best avoided. Crossing the lake on foot requires players to equip the Orange Charred Ring in order to mitigate the normally-devastating fire damage dealt by direct contact with lava. The ruins of the city's core still stand, although they have been pierced by a complex and unnaturally large root system that has woven itself through the stone and originates from the city's center temple; these roots are actually the tendrils of the Bed of Chaos, which have wormed their way up through the Demon Ruins and are visible as high as Blighttown.

    Siegmeyer of Catarina can also appear in Izalith as part of his quest chain; in this encounter, he finds himself trapped at the edge of a poison pit filled with nightmarish Chaos Eaters. Depending on the outcome of the fight, he will either perish, give up on his quest, or proceed to his final destination at Ash Lake.


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