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    Universe at War: Earth Assault

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Dec 11, 2007

    A sci-fi themed real time strategy game for the PC and Xbox 360, featuring a structure of 3 unique factions (Ala Starcraft), and cross-platform multiplayer.

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    Universe at War: Earth Assault is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed by Petroglygh Games, and published by Sega. The game was originally to be titled Invasion: Earth. As indicated by the subtitle, Universe at War: Earth Assault is the first game in a planned series.

    A key highlight to UAW is that it is one of the first games to use Games for Windows LIVE. The game features cross-platform multiplayer between the PC and Xbox 360 versions. A first for any RTS game. Unfortunately, Petroglyph didn't release the patch to enable cross-platform play until nearly 4 months after the release of the Xbox 360 version of UAW. On top of this, the cross-platform connectivity is strictly 1v1, and it has been stated by administrators and developers at Petroglyph that there will never be a patch to implement more robust cross-platform multiplayer support.


    Universe at War: Earth Assault is begins in the year 2012, as an alien race known as the Hierarchy descend upon Earth with intent to strip mine it for resources. Scientists, observatories, and astrologists gave warnings of the impending invasion to the people of Earth, but they were unable to rally a unified military presence to combat these overwhelmingly armed alien forces. The Heirarchy, already experienced in interplanetary warfare thanks to numerous other hostile planet takovers, crushed Earths puny resistance force. 

    Another alien race, the Novus ( who follows the Heirachy throughtout the Universe attempting to stop their spread), arrives on Earth expecting humanity to already be purged from its surface. However, they are shocked to find most of humanity fairly intact, and the human military not yet entirely wiped out. Little does Novus know that this is all a scheme on the part of Kamal R'ex The Abductor, commander of the Heiarchy forces. He has held back the bulk of his forces in order to lure the novus into a trap. Kamal R'ex hopes to earn a bonus by wiping out the entirety of Novus' expeditionary forces. 

    When the Novus arrive, the Hierarchy forces are still engaged in battle with the Human Military, so they attempt to band together with the humans to beat back the superior numbers of the Hierarchy. In the end they suffer a crushing defeat when the command base and central quarters of Earth's military is destroyed, along with the portal that the Novus were using to send troops back and forth from Earth. Kamal R'ex feels that Novus and the Human race have been defeated, so he immediately orders the delivery of the Hierarchy super weapon, the Purifier. A devastating weapon that can destroy large portions of the globe in a single strike. 

    However, while the Hierarchy commander Orlok was diverting Novus so the purifier could be called in, he accidentally tripped an ancient and long forgotten alarm within the temples and pyramids of Egypt. Thus awakening the Masari, who have long been in hibernation beneath the Earths oceans, awaiting for such an instance to arise. The Masari mothership emits a signal that breifly incapacitates the Purifier from functioning while they re-establish a foothold in their homeland. Orlok, deciding to form a bit of a mutiny against his leader Kamal Re'x, attempts to make contact with the Masari Queen, but instead manages to join forces with her son, Prince Zessus. Kamal catches on quickly and destroys Orlok. Prince Zesus is taken captive. 

    Meanwhile, the Masari queen is concerned about her missing son, and is deeply troubled by the presence of their sworn enemy, the Heirachy, on what they consider to be their planet. At first, the Masari have no alliegances, neither to Humans, nor Heiarchy, and intend to reclaim the planet as their own. They eventually give in to Novus' plees for peace, and launch a combined attack against the Hierarchy colony. Eventually, all three forces gather, and make one final push on the well protected Hierarchy Purifier, and emerge victorious. The Purifier is destroyed. Enraged, Kamal R'ex attempts to singlehandedly destroy their forces, but fails miserably. 

    Unsure of what should be done with him, the armies argue for days. Humans and Novus want him killed for the damage he's caused, but the Masari Queen feels that death is too easy a fate for him. She then seals him away in a prison of his own mind for all eternity, in which he attempts to conquer the globe with god like powers, but fails every time.  



    An alien race with a grim history of conquering and destroying countless planets after strip mining them clean of resources. They don't have a typical view on resources howeverm, viewing upon even organic life as such. The brunt of their armies forces is made up of highly customizable walkers that drop into combat zones armed with the ideal loadout to defeat the present enemies. However, they are only technologically superior to the human race. 


    The Novus race consists entirely of senteient machines, existing solely with the intention to wipe the Heirachy from the galaxy. Their creators were destroyed by the mighty walkers possessed by their foes. Nearly all of the Novus were destroyed, but rebuilt themselves back to greatness over many, many years, hell bent on revenge against the Heirachy.


    An ancient and advanced race that millenia ago saved the Heiarchy from ultimate destruction. Betrayed by their debters, they were forced to flee to earth. For a period, they instructed and commanded over man for their own selfish ends, but eventually went into stasis aboard their city ship, "Atlantea", not to be awoken for thousands of years by the invasion of their sworn enemy. 


    Though not a playable faction throughout the main game, they frequently assist the player on many missions. Though not completely helpless, they are massively outclassed, outnumbered, and out gunned by their enemies. They die faster then any other unit within the game, taking immense losses to even the weakest of foes. 

    Faction Commanders


    • Kamal Re'x the Abductor
    Commander of Heirachy mining operations, and leader of the assault on planet Earth. He cares about nothing but his personal benefit. He is a powerful psychic with the ability to send ground units flying with telekenetic blasts, flinging airborne units out of range, and prjecting a physical barrier to defend himself and his troops

    • Nufai the Skinwalker
    Member of a race that was ultimately destroyed by the Heiarchy, he betrayed his lineage and fell in line with them to save his own skin. He possess powerful phase claws that are capable of destroying nearly anything, cause enemy units to fight amongst eachother, and force enemy airborne units to land for a short time. 

    • Orlok the Eternal
    A veteran comander for the Heiarchy forces. After being killed in combat, his mentality was burned into an attack vessel that can call upon the assisstance of forces at will. He also has powerful siege canons for which he can gather resources while on the move to use as ammunition. 


    • The Founder
    Acting as the leader of the Novus forces, his ultimate goal is to avenge the death of his creators with the complete destruction of the Heiarchy race. In battle, he is capable of entering different modes of operation such as Prowess mode, which slows his movement speed but also allows him to take more damage. Performance mode speeds up his movement and allows him to act as a node which allows for the teleportation of Ohm Bots, the main battle unit of the Novus. 

    • Mirabel and Viktor
    Mirabel is a clone of one of Novus' creators, therefore she has a feeble human like body. The Novus developed for her Viktor, an advanced robotic battlesuit, so that she can aid the Founder in his quest for revenge. Viktor is sem-sentient and armed with a plasma rifle and shoulder fired missiles. Though relatively weak in comparison to Heirachy's walkers, his plasma rifle can be charged to handely dispatch most ground units. He also can fire an awe inspiring missile barrage occasionally that heavily damages foes. When  Viktors jetpacks are activated, he is capable of hovering for a short period of time. 

    • Vertigo
    Vertigo is a sentient aircraft armed with dual plasma cannons and a cloaking shield that allows him to be completely invisible to enemy forces. He can digitize a certain amount of novus units and store them onboard for speedy delivery to the battlefront, and can download virus' to enemy units, allowing him to essentially take control over them. 


    • Queen Altea
    Altea lacks physical attack strength, but makes up for this with incredibly powerful magic powered by her ship, Atlantea. Her magic grants her the ability to reverse time and essential uncreate enemy units, heal friendly units, and halt the progress of enemy super weapons. 

    • Lord Charos
    Lord Charos' sole purpose for existence is to serve his beloved Queen. He serves the Masari Military selflessly. He has two modes much like the Founder. When in Light mode, he has an attack called "Blaze of Glory" that damages all surrounding enemy ground forces. When in dark mode, he can use the ability "Dark Vortex" that primarily damages air units. He also can use the ability frenzy to improve his physical damage, health, and defense. 

    • Prince Zessus
    Zessus has much the same control scheme as Lord Charos, harnessing both the light and dark for his attacks. He has the ability to spread darkness through out the map, teleport, amd cause explosions that damge all enemy units near him. 


    • General Randal Moore
    Moore is a United States Marine Corps Colonel at the onset of the Heirachy invasion, whom is assigned to the rescue and defense of the President of the US. He manages to save the president, though he is wounded in the process, and is promoted to the rank oif General. After saving the president he accompanies his ambulance to Fort Mcnair, which eventually is overwhelmed and destroyed by Heiarchy forces. When Moore and the Novus first make contact, he assumes them to be of hostile nature and orders a retreat of his forces to the surrounding mountains, hoping to ambush them. Eventually the misunderstanding is resolved, and Moore launches combined strikes with the Novus against the Heirachy. In combat, Moore wields a chain gun and is capable of lobbing powerful grenades at his enemies. He also has the ability to heal hisself using med packs. 

    • Sergeant Willard
    Sergeant Willard is a retired tank commander. He volunteers hisself for duty once again after the Heiarchy attack on Earth. In battle, he commands a prototype 3 barrelled tank which is nicknamed Thumper. He aids Moores rescue of the president and attempts to repel the walker that ultimately converged on Fort McNair and killed the president. Willard manages to retreat from the walker before he to was destroyed. 

    System Requirements


    • Supported OS: Windows Vista®/XP
    • Processor: 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB system RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 compliant card (ATI X800 or NVIDIA 7600)
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB free hard drive space
    • Other Requirements: Online play requires log-in to Games For Windows - Live.

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