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Metro Vancouver has population of 2.3 million, within the confines of 2900km2, an are 1/10th of the size of the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Within the downtown peninsula are two stadiums; BC Place Stadium hosted of the 2010 Olympic Ceremonies, and is the home to the CFL's BC Lions Football and the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer club; adjacent to BC Place is Rogers Arena which is the host of the Vancouver Canucks NHL team.Being in a temperate rain forest, large amounts of precipitation are common, temperature can range, from sub zero conditions to 30 degrees Celsius.

Vancouver is also a hotbed for game development, the following studios are located in the Metro Vancouver area:

80soft.comwww.80soft.comVancouverBritish Columbia
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Gameswww.acronymonline.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Air Gameswww.airg.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Atomic Robot Gameswww.atomicrobotgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Backlash Studioswww.backlashstudios.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Bardel Entertainmentwww.bardelentertainment.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Big Fish Gameswww.bigfishgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Big Sandwich Gameswww.bigsandwichgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Blue Castle Gameswww.bluecastlegames.comBurnabyBritish Columbia
Chartwell Technologywww.chartwelltechnology.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Clicktoy Interactivewww.clicktoy.comCoquitlamBritish Columbia
Deep Fried Entertainmentwww.deepfriedentertainment.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Electronic Arts Canadawww.eacanada.comBurnabyBritish Columbia
Factory 1 Gameswww.factory1games.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Genius Factor Gameswww.geniusfactorgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Hothead Gameswww.hotheadgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Humanature Studio (Nexon)www.nexon.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Iron Clad Gameswww.ironcladgames.comBurnabyBritish Columbia
igda Vancouver Columbia
IUGO Mobile Entertainmentwww.iugome.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Jet Black Gameswww.jetblackgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Kalador Entertainmentwww.kalador.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Kerberos Productionswww.kerberos-productions.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Klei Entertainmentwww.kleientertainment.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Koolhaus Gameswww.koolhausgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Kung Fu Factorywww.kungfufactory.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Next Level Gameswww.nextlevelgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Nintendo of Canadawww.nintendo.caVancouverBritish Columbia
No Robots Interactivewww.norobotsinteractive.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Piranha Gameswww.piranha-games.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Propaganda Gameswww.propagandagames.go.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Relic Entertainmentwww.relic.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Sanuk Gameswww.sanuk.bizVancouverBritish Columbiia
Silicon Sisters Interactivewww.siliconsisters.caVancouverBritish Columbia
Slant Six Gameswww.slantsixgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Slick Entertainmentwww.slickentertainment.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Smoking Gun Interactivewww.smokingguninc.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Threewave Softwarewww.threewavesoftware.comVancouverBritish Columbia
United Front Gameswww.unitedfrontgames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Veggie Gameswww.veggiegames.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Victory Gamingwww.victorygaming.comVancouverBritish Columbia
Yamisoft Entertainmentwww.yamisoft.comVancouverBritish Columbia

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