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    Varian Wrynn

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    King Varian Wrynn, briefly known as Lo’Gosh, is the current ruler of Stormwind, and father to the young prince, Anduin Wrynn.

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    Early in his life, the Horde had made its way from the Dark Portal, and into Azeroth, threatening his father’s kingdom, and his own safety. Under the protection of Anduin Lothar, Varian and his father were kept safe for a small time, until Garona Halforcen betrayed Varian’s father, and cut out his heart right in front of Varian.

    Anduin Lothar took the child away from the ravaged Stormwind, convinced that it could not be reclaimed from the clutches of the Horde, and fled to the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. There Varian was introduced to king Terenas Menethil, who despite his young age, treated Varian as a fellow ruler, and equal. While in the safety of Teranas’ kingdom, Varian became friends with the king’s son, Arthas Menethil.

    The Wars

    After the Alliance’s victory in the Second War, Terenas Menethil urged the Alliance to reclaim and rebuild Stormwind, and at the age of eighteen, Varian was crowned its ruler. It would be during this time that Varian would marry a young woman named Tiffin, and father a son, who he named after Anduin Lothar, after he lost his life in the second war. Things became troubled though, as the Alliance began to fracture, and during a riot, his wife Tiffin was struck in the head, and died, leaving Varian and his infant son alone.

    As the events of the Third War settled, Varian went to meet with Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore, he was ambushed and kidnapped by the Defias Brotherhood, and was held prisoner in Alcaz Island. During this time, his son was crowned as a child king, though true leadership came from Bolvar Fordragon, who assumed the role of Stormwind’s Regent-Lord. Eventually, Varian was able to escape, but not entirely unscathed. He had half drowned, and suffered memory loss, eventually ending up on the shores of Durotar. There he was found by an Orc Shaman, and was held captive, put to use as a gladiator. As he proved himself more and more in combat, he was given the honorary title of “Lo’Gosh” which in the Orcs tongue, meant “Spirit Wolf.”

    Stormwind and Onyxia

    While resting in Thunder Bluff, Varian was able to escape with two of his new allies, and fellow captives, and he fled to Darnassus. As he was reunited with Jaina Proudmoore again, she revealed that he was Stormwind’s true ruler, and set about to help him return to his people. However, Stormwind was introduced not to the true Varian, but what was seemingly a duplicate. It was revealed that the Dragon Onyxia who had infiltrated Stormwind for years, had cast a dark magic over Varian, to help her further subjugate his rule for her own. This magic caused Varian to split into two forms of himself, both with opposite personalities. As the two Varian’s revealed Onyxia’s true nature, she kidnapped Anduin, and fled to her lair.

    With Jaina at the side of the two Varian’s, they lead an assault on Onyxia’s lair. While in battle, Onyxia tries again to use the spell that she intended to kill him with the first time, but both Varian’s are struck by the magic, which instead of killing them, instead causes them to fuse back into their true being. Whole again, Varian quickly dispatches Onyxia, and rescues his son.

    Now returning as the rightful king of Stormwind, Varian has a deep hatred for the Horde, still remembering that half of his self that was enslaved and forced to kill for their amusement. He views his equal, Thrall, with utter disgust, and has allowed for this hatred to cloud much of his judgement at times.


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