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    Vib Ripple

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 27, 2004

    The sequel to NanaOn-Sha's PlayStation game Vib Ribbon, Vib Ripple once again places you in the role of Vibri as she searches for hidden artifacts inside seemingly ordinary-looking photographs.

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    Vib Ripple is the second in a series of data importation-reliant games created by NanaOn-Sha. Unlike its music CD-driven prequel, Vib Ribbon, however, Vib Ripple instead focuses on digital photography. Playing as the wireframe rabbit Vibri once again, players must uncover hidden characters and objects embedded inside photos while avoiding enemies. In addition to the sample photos included on the disc, Vib Ripple also includes the ability to import photos from other sources, including USB cameras.


    In order to uncover the hidden treasures within the photographs, players must have Vibri jump on them as though they were a trampoline. When an area within the picture changes to deeper shades of one color, that's Vibri's cue to keep jumping there harder and harder to free the hidden item. The level ends when all of the concealed objects have been uncovered, although enemies are present in some photographs to impede the player's progress.

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