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Video Games!!

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Future Bomb

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they're doing the 80s again?

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yea yea yeah

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This is what happens when you drop a bomb on it.

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dis gun be good

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PS: Brad sucks at video games.

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I knew it would be the future for day 5.

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Youre a wasteland.

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The future is now.

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The couch survives!

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I can't believe they've been wearing the same clothes all week. Gross.


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Yet they still never miss a Tuesday.

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Congratulations to the winner.

Disappointed by the future segments though :(

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Imagine me super tense in bed. -Jeff

Aww yeah! -Vinny

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surprised that GTA V was left out of his list. even if he did not like the online. he gave it 5 stars after all.

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I'm confused on the winner but hey lol. Maybe that's the way the game is meant to be played. I to played a bunch of it then stopped. Maybe I should go back now.

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August 29, 2014, the day the AI known as Matt.Rorie became self aware...

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"Hey thanks for reading this, most time is spent in the details" and "Guy yells for no reason". The headlines of the future are great.

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Please tell me there was some hidden Morse Code message hidden in there that said "PS: Brad is bad at games."

And while I was Team Bioshock, I'm just as happy to see Last of Us win.

Although, technically, my game of the year was Macross 30, but that game will never, ever be released outside of Japan.

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While I was a bit cool on most of the segments from the previous days they paid off here with the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Too bad you couldn't find a way to blame Brad's poor ability to play video games for how the world turned out. And while it's good to see what came in at number one, and I like Jeff's list, I hope a few years down the line he might try giving Last of Us a second chance when it might have some distance from this year.

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1:40 - Is that the Giant Bomb couch? Yep, I can see how that would be scareepy when it's your couch being threatened like that.

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Oh wow impressed at the GotY pick, didn't think they'd pick it given how much Jeff didn't enjoy it.
Good stuff! that was my pick :D

All in all I expected a bit more of the future segments too, but it was pretty funny overall.

Good job, was a hard year this one but thanks for all the laughs and good tiemz boys.

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No you're a wasteland.

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I thought Jeff and at least someone else on staff played Assassin's Creed Liberation on Vita? It also started with the Abstergo logo along with the Ubisoft logo, and did some of the crazy stuff that AC4 expanded upon. You were not a game designer at Abstergo there though, but a consumer who had purchased their latest Animus game Assassin's Creed Liberation.

I'm not going to claim it did that stuff as well, but the direction AC4 took wasn't all that surprising if you had played it.

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DLX (Dave Lang International Airport) is going to be rad, can't wait.

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Predictable by now for best game, but I'm interested.

Have top come back to hear Jeff's top ten. The future looks like what I think is pretty almost probable. I understand Rorie has been pretty good in these doing flash appearances, have to check them out.

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I still don't understand why they used the Drake model, but Last of Us was pretty damn good.

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Brad wins!!!

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And the winner of "Best Game Of The Year Awards" goes to............


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I like how Aqua Teen Hunger Force this video is.

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This was a great conclusion for the entire week. Loved the theme!

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This is why I love this site.

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Fuck yeah, Anti-chamber finally gets its

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Turned that Giant Bomb was a Giant Nuke

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the purple cubes are supposed to eventually mean something when the expansion comes out, but right now they dont mean shit

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@fisk0 said:

"Hey thanks for reading this, most time is spent in the details" and "Guy yells for no reason". The headlines of the future are great.

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Watching this without knowing what Jeff's GOTY list was like was odd because I was super expecting to see TLOU today since it's the overall GOTY. (and I had predicted that yesterday) As he went down his list I slowly took in the fact that he was at a PC and drew conclusions. He said Bioshock during the podcast, but he wouldn't play that in any case. Maybe... Rogue Legacy? Antichamber surprised me even though it's on my top 10. That game is rad but I didn't expect #2. Fine choice.

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surprised that GTA V was left out of his list. even if he did not like the online. he gave it 5 stars after all.

I've been noticing this with a lot of other reviewers as well. I think it could be due to the fact that even though GTA V is definitely 5-star worthy, due to the technical achievement it represents and the depth it may have, it just does not stand out as one of THE games of 2013. Especially if someone has been in the business for a while, like Jeff. Doesn't make the game bad, by any stretch of the imagination, just a little bit less memorable than some of the other entries.

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I like that Jeff stuck to his guns about Bioshock Infinite, unlike everyone who praised it then immediately hated it.

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Man, you throw dark!

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I'm glad Giant Bomb acknowledged that RIPD is the true worst game of the year.

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This horrible future is all Luigi's fault!

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Where were the Northies? I hope I didn't just miss them in another video but I'd like to know the top Nolan North performance this year.

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I still haven't organized my top 10 list, but this is one of those rare moments where I'm totally 100% behind Jeff and his number 1 pick for Bioshock Infinite. I'm not going to claim that it has the best combat (it was pretty fun), but the world building and story completely had me. If you take a look at the Infinite forum you'll see that I was one of those people that was totally into discussing the ending and clarifying the multidimensional aspect of the game.

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Ride To Hell: Retribution should be a runner-up for Best Quick Look (which should be a future category), which would lose out to Motorbike.