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Hi, hello, first.

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These are really the highlight of E3.

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Did the Nite 1 video page die or something?

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Posted By ST2K

Is there a way to salvage those last couple minutes of the Phil Spencer segment or no?

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Man so the last part with Phil Spencer is truly lost huh. Damn Windows 10 update.

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@st2k said:

Is there a way to salvage those last couple minutes of the Phil Spencer segment or no?

Hoping it's on the Podcast version.

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As usual, the Phil Spencer segment is one of the highlights of E3. Great work.

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@ares42: agreed. Regardless of what you think of Microsoft as a company, his interviews with Jeff always come across as genuine and heartfelt, and it really feels like he 'gets' it in a way that other execs don't tend to.

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If they ever want to make game pass viable on PC, they need to port way more games. Was super dissapointing to not see MCC or more Gears games announced for PC during the press conference. I really enjoy these interviews with Phil Spencer though.

Edit: Wait, did a Windows update ruin the end part of the interview? Because that would be extremely hilarious.

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Phil Spencer always seems like a great dude. His "interviews" with Jeff are always a highlight. He clearly knows what he's talking about, he's passionate about games and he doesn't use a bunch of marketing/PR speak. Dude is straight up.

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Always impressed with Phil on these GB shows. I wish the other platform holders would be a bit more open like this.

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@ares42: Agreed. Phil Spencer is one of the nicest and most genuine people in the entire industry. That guy is pure good. Once the next Xbox comes out and if it has VR I'll be all over that thing on day 1.

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Phil Spencer was excellent as always. He is so legit and honest about everything. Make me feel bad not owning an XBOX. Maybe the new developers they got will make some good games worth buying it for.

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Phil Spencer interview, then Cyberpunk talk. Great video for sure.

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These days, the Phil/Jeff interview is one of the things I look forward to most during E3. Phil is definitely the greatest asset Xbox has. Favorite exec by a country mile.

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Posted By Odc

Love the interview with Phil as always. Really great stuff.

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Jeff made a top ranking video game executive burst out laughing over a Gears Funko Pop game. Great job on this one and I think this may be your best interview with Phil yet.

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Cyberpunk sounds like one of the best games ever, i hope it will live up to its hype.

Also the interview with Phil is as great as always!

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Vinny Caravellava is my favourite guest.

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@hoochli: Caravellava is so hot right now.

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@avioto: Yeah it did, they talk about it at the beginning of the next segment, the one with the GB crew.

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I loved Phil's answers.

paraphrasing but "People are surprised we're working on the next consoles. We had a hardware team working on the X, and we didn't lay them all off, so what do you think they're doing?"

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Love Phil interviews!

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Is Cyberpunk 2077, Grand Theft Watchdogs?

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It's sad to see that Phil's closing remarks got cutoff in the archive too.

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Not a fan of Microsoft but man, Phil Spencer is a rad dude and you can't help but wish him success.

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What happened at the end of the Phil Spencer interview? Did he rip off his shirt and show Jeff his full chest tattoo that said "PC GAMING OR DEATH"?

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Image result for #playtestfaceplay test face

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I'm probably not gonna buy an Xbox One tbh but I'm looking forward to the future of Xbox more than the future of Playstation pretty much entirely because Phil Spencer is at the reins. He always comes across as genuine and in this business for all the right reasons.

I'm picturing all these acquisitions paying off big time for the launch of "next gen", Sony's gonna really have to bring their shit to keep up. They're doing really well so far tbf and I hope they don't get complacent/lose momentum.

More great games for everyone can only be a good thing, excited for things to come.

Edit: The footage cutting out as Phil was signing off breaks my heart a little.

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Posted By Smeat

The yearly interview with Phil Spencer has been one of the best things about these nightly E3 shows by the crew. Found it a bit interesting that Spencer alluded to Microsoft getting a lot closer to Nintendo now. Before it was Rare that acted as a bridge between both companies and now its Minecraft.

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Posted By mrsmiley

I know it's becoming an echo in these comments, but damn if Phil Spencer is consistently the best guest on this show year after year.

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Phil Spencer is just a cool dude

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That was a top drawer interview from Jeff. Phil is a pretty rad dude.

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Posted By CrashTanuki

No archive yet? Or are the separate video segments the only way to get last night's stream?

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Posted By Ravelle

CD Project Red hacking and cutting Phil Spencer at the end of him signing off again.

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Biggest Disappointment E3 2018: Me being mesmerized by Phil Spencer’s interview and it being cut off.

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Posted By Stefftastiq

What was phil spencer closing? nice interview!

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Phil Spencer is the real deal

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Posted By Foggen

Can we get this in the podcast feed?

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You can tell they're excited about Cyberpunk by the amount of footwagging going on.

Also I was so confused by how this no longer has the Phil Spencer segment in it. I guess they're trying to fix the ending and upload it separately or some such.

...or Spencer said some secret shit. Probably Sudeki 2.

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"Hi Dan nice to see you" "Hi! You too, have a beer!"

Loading Video...
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@vibratingdonkey: It still has the segment (except the end) as far as I can see (<54m). Hope they somehow recover the end bit.

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Yeah, I don't see the Phil segment at all in this video anymore?

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I usually hate guest characters in Mortal Kombat but Agent 47 would be pretty great.

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Posted By GrumpyBob

Weird, I'm getting Phil's interview on the YouTube player, but not GB...