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Man I missed Insomniac. F.U.S.E. seemed to spell a disturbing future for them. This looks great.

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This looks absolutely amazing. I hope it comes to PS4.

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Posted By echoes13

looks weird

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This looks pretty great, hope it comes to PC. A game like this with Steam Workshop would be totally rad!

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I'm all for it if this inspires other developers/publishers to make more colourful, cartoony, arcady, fun games, but the gameplay hasn't completely grabbed me yet. Fighting giant groups of brainless enemies reminds me of Dead Rising and I personally lose interest in those games pretty quickly.

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Posted By AMyggen

Hate the trailer voice, but this looks really awesome!

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Posted By Hassun

Probably the most interesting Xbox 180 game to date. I really hope Insomniac Games can reclaim its lost form.

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Please don't be a pile of shit and like somebody said, avoid focus groups and rushing.

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@amyggen: Agreed, 100%. He's got a voice for charades!

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Jet Set Radio: Overdrive

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It's no surprise to see everybody's already forgotten about it, but... Into The Nexus was only released a few months ago. While Fuse was an unfortunate crapshoot, their last Ratchet & Clank game looked to already make up for that. Least from what I've heard anywhoo, as the only one of those I've played weirdly enough is Quest for Booty.

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Hey, remember when Fuse looked awesome too! Or those later Ratchet and Clank games?! How about that Facebook game?!

yeah, I couldn't care less about Sunset Overdrive.

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I don't think this looks very good, looks pretty dead rising to me.

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Looks like Dead Rising with a coat of cartoon paint to me. I like the bright aesthetic but I just don't need more zombies - even pink puffy ones. I will probably buy it anyway, as I need something to play on my XBox One (AKA my $500 mistake).

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This looks decent, but I wanna see how it "feels". The controls. movement, how a weapon feels are often kinda boring in Insomniac games. I'm gonna wait for some reviews, and see if I can try a demo or something to see how it works.

Also, can advertisements / trailers stop constantly comparing themselves to other products in the genre? The whole "you don't need to cower behind a crate", and "so much more interesting than other third person shooters" garbage is annoying.

Tell me what's good about your game, and leave the comparisons to the user. I'm entirely capable of making those decisions myself, thanks. This whole strategy of "the opposition sucks, we rule" needs to die out. If they're confident in what they're selling, that crap is simply unnecessary.

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Posted By wibby

That almost as good as the CGI version....Hmmmm

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No idea why sony fucked up their relationship with insomniac so badly. This game could be exclusive to sony, but instead they forced them into making half baked ratchet and clank sequels and resistance sequels that could never sell all that well. It used to be that naughty dog and insomniac were the poster children for sony developers. Thats definitely not the case anymore.

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Posted By Lazyaza

Eh seems like Ratchet with less charm, wit and cleverness. The weapons they showed off didn't do much for me either and for some reason the human characters faces kinda bug me, might be their eyes being so tiny. Still I suppose when you're last big game was fuse... urgh... you have to work you're way back up again.

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Posted By CaLe

Colorful doesn't automatically equal good. The movement looks kinda janky... and if it's just running around shooting things in an open world? Eh, no thanks.

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Posted By TDot

Can't wait to see this change to a gritty shooter half way through development.

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Posted By Spwn

Traversal reminds me of Infamous.

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"Looks" cool but I think I will wait to see what's up with the gameplay. Not really digging the Saturday morning cartoon theme thing either.

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Posted By Banshee

This looks absolutely amazing. I hope it comes to PS4.

This game is published by Microsoft, so there is no chance of it releasing on the PS4.

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@yummylee: Even with the two odd spins on Ratchet (All 4 One and the MOBA) They seem like a studio that's at least always trying to make fun creative games with a strong visual style.

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Oh this looks awesome. Bring it on! I look forward to this!! :)

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This looks incredible. As a PS4 owner I'm actually super jelly.

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I'm not sure I'd say Insomniac has been "missing". Sure, FUSE was lackluster at best, but the latest Ratchet & Clank/Resistance games were pretty great. It just seems like their marketing has been in the gutter for the past few years. Hopefully this game has a decent presence at E3.

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Posted By Amikron

This looks interesting but the animations they were showing looked a bit rough, especially on the transitions from wall to rail and so on.

Hopefully they can make those look a bit better before launch, I'm normally not a "graphics guy" but that ruined the look of the game outright.

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The Sony Fanboy jealousy is delicious!

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@banshee: Microsoft also published Mass Effect 1, but you can play that on the PS3.

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That evil robot death balloon said, "Asshole" didn't it? Maybe I just thought this was targeted more at kids, and I fucking love using fucking curse words, but that seemed really out of place.

Nonetheless, this looks cool. I'll have to what the actual mission structure is, as it seems like it could be easily monotonous, but I'm definitely intrigued.

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Posted By Humanity

My only complaint is that the traversal seems a bit slowish - like maybe the grinding and so forth could be a bit faster? But maybe then it would be too hard to aim or something who knows. Looks neat, glad to see Microsoft get some decent looking exclusives out there.

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@shtinky said:

The Sony Fanboy jealousy is delicious!

...What sony fanboy jealousy?

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Then six months go by and it gets drabbed up and the characters all become bald marines and the enemies are just zombies.

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Posted By swaney

Looks good, although I think a solid framerate will be critical considering the fluidity of movement Insomniac is going for. I wonder if they'll be able to hit 40+ fps on the xbone with that level of graphical fidelity.

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Posted By Spitznock

I love me some color in video games, and trust me, I'm stoked to see a shooting game that isn't your run-of-the-mill military nonsense, but I hate everything about the way this game looks. The characters look like Pixar rejects.

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Posted By Lausebub

This is the kind of game that makes me buy every system eventually. I really hope it turns out well, Insomniac can be pretty cool.

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Posted By PurpleSpandex

We're still doing this guided walk through thing? I wish developers could just be confident in their game and not have to hold our hands through the marketing.

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Hmm, looks an awful lot like Dead Rising meets Infamous. The tone isn't really doing it for me, but it looks like a lot of fun regardless.

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Posted By EatAllGames

I'm curious how they'll circumvent the problem that an increase in movement speed causes a decrease in accuracy, especially in a third person game. Maybe I'm just old.

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I'm getting a very strong Saints Row vibe off of this. I hope the writing is up to par.

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Posted By Gold_Skulltulla

The colors woke me up.

The zombies put me back to sleep.

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Posted By LarryDavis

I bought a Xone for this game, because I believe in Insomniac despite their recent efforts to dissuade me. It does look rad. Now let's see some more of Quantum Break.

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Posted By Ares42

I'm curious how they'll circumvent the problem that an increase in movement speed causes a decrease in accuracy, especially in a third person game. Maybe I'm just old.

I was thinking about this too, but I'm guessing it just means most weapons will have large hit-areas (shotguns, explosives etc). The game looks fun though.

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Posted By JunkHype

Looks kinda boring.