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Why does Enoch look like Val Kilmer?
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as much as I hate anime style and how anti-religion I am, there's still cool mythology within religion and this guy was enthusiastic and almost has me sold on the game, doesn't hurt that it actually looks pretty great too...
however, Enoch doesn't ever really look badass in combat (little metro-sexual even), that's a big downside

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This game looks pretty good.

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good art

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Fuck this looks good.

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As soon as he said: "...the art director of Ōkami..." I was interested. Although what was shown looks a little too much like Devil May Cry and I'm not sure about purifying your weapons in combat. The theme seems interesting, like a Christian Ōkami and interestingly, Ōkami sold more units outside of Japan, maybe because people in Japan know all about Japanese mythology and were bored with it. So perhaps this game might sell more in Japan for the same reason, especially since it has a "Japanese touch" which is the only way of making anything foreign palpable to the Japanese.
I don't see why this game should be considered controversial, maybe because its subject matter isn't canonical but still, if they can make God of War, Ōkami and Dante's Inferno then why not El-Shaddai?
I'll keep a look out for this one.

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@Mumrik said:
" @Jackalofdeath said:

" @ryanwho said:

" So some of you dumbasses have a limited vocabulary. In simpleton terms, apocryphal in this context basically means heretical. You know, like the random Christian references found in any give JRPG since the genre began. So stop being so fucking stupid, thanks. Its not a "bible game". "
for someone trying to be a grammar nazi you sure lack any sense of actual grammar, you try hard to sound smart but you cannot even write simple sentences without coming off as the biggest douche who failed out of college "
 Grammar had nothing to do with it. You're making yourself guilty of what he was complaining about. He is talking about the meaning of a word that is central to the story of this game, not where in a sentence to put it. "
If you maintain that certain people suffer from a penury of diction, then defining "apocryphal" as expressing a similar meaning as "heretical" will probably fail in elucidating the purport for them. Besides, "apocryphal" and "heretical" are not synonymous. "Apocryphal" in a pure sense, means of dubious authenticity and is synonymous with "spurious". But in the context of the game, that term refers to the Apocrypha, which is a body of scripture not considered canonical by some churches as they are not found in their version of the Bible, although other churches do (as Mr. Bettenhausen mentioned, the Book of Enoch is considered canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.) However, some Bibles do include the Apocrypha at the end as a separate  work which is not part of the Bible itself i.e. the Old and New testaments. "Heretical", on the other hand, refers to a practice which differs from established dogma, e.g. Sunnis and Shiites consider each other heretical as do Catholics and Protestants. Heretics are usually persecuted and killed whilst the scripture compiled in the Apocrypha are well known and studied. Random Christian references in Japanese RPGs (whatever that means) are not heretical and may seem random to Westerners but the religious tradition of East Asia is highly syncretic i.e. an eclectic mix of different belief systems: it doesn't matter; they take what they like.
So before you call people "dumbasses", got your own shit strait.
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Watched quick look, thought it looked pretty and the story sounded interesting. Then I read comments and was just saddened. This is happening a lot lately with comments it feels like. 
Skimming through people hear religion and just back away. I just don't get the problem with being open to new ideas or stories. I'm a lazy christian who doesn't know shit really but I just don't get the problem with listening to stories and how they think the world started or how it could of played out long ago or something something. While I'm watching I'm not all OH GOD NO BIG BANG THEORY BIG BANG THEORY BIGBANGTHEORYYYYYY. Its a story bro.

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This looks really, really cool. I was only vaguely aware of it before. Now I'm sold.

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Cadberry Cream eggs are the fucking shit. Rock ON Brad

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@bornagain888 said:
" Why does Enoch look like Val Kilmer? "
I thought the same thing...

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this seems pretty awesome!! 

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@Curufinwe:  lol, and a 2nd opinion concurs!
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Ryan's health is obviously poor and Shane brings a heart attack in a bag. Either he's stupid or cruel. Those are the only 2 possibilities.

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It's strange. On the one hand I really love the artstyle, everything seems super crisp, and certainly unique.

Yet the characters and enemies look and feel like they do not fit in with the art style directly...  Like, some of the enemies are clearly meant to contrast with the backdrop, but I'm not feeling like the character design and the world art design are matching up.

Game looks enjoyable, perhaps a hands on demo can change my mind about the visuals.

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Damn this shit looks good. 

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This looks really cool. I've been enjoying some of the Platinum Games stuff recently... this looks like it might be hitting that sweet spot.

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This seems really nice! Love the design, this is how they should have done with megaman.. but more megaman you nuh. 

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@Jazz said:
@bornagain888 said:
" Why does Enoch look like Val Kilmer? "
I thought the same thing...

Spot on, I was half expecting him to "chicks love the books"...!
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Shane Bettanhausen is the secret best guest they're ever had on. He's a very entertaining guy. 

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GAH! Pet peeve!! Nephilim is PLURAL. It's not "A" Nephilim. It's like when Alan Rickman calls himself "A Seraphim" in a really snide voice and looks like a total idiot. Sorry, I know it doesn't matter to most people, but it's like nails on a chalkboard to me...

Awesome art style, though.

edit: I totally thought the same Val Kilmer thing.

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@Max_Hydrogen: THANK YOU for speaking some sense here. I'm interested in Christian and Jewish mysticism, so I really enjoyed the Kabbalistic references in the Persona series, etc. I find it really refreshing to see that this subject matter (God, the Angels, etc.) can inspire enthusiasm in mainstream audiences, because I feel like this stuff has the potential to be really cool, if only people could do it justice. It seems they have here.

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Wow, I was just wondering the other day "whatever happened to Shane from 1UP?". Well, here he is.

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I haven´t played this game but I love it , the concept and the way they set it out easy controls deep combat I loooove games that aren´t game-y

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Enoch, played by Val Kilmer.

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Came for the El Shaddai video, got distracted by junk food preparation tips. On the other hand, the "what the #$@% did we just get ourselves into?" look Ryan and Brad have around 5:52 are priceless.

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@Sander said:

Ryan's health is obviously poor and Shane brings a heart attack in a bag. Either he's stupid or cruel. Those are the only 2 possibilities.

I know it's been a while but I'd just like to point out that, if you are talking about the jerky, you are categorically wrong about that, and to call someone you don't know cruel or stupid is pretty fucking judgmental.

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@Godlyawesomeguy: You're goddamned right it is. That's not obvious to you? And isn't also not obvious that I'm not just talking about the  jerky? JESUS MURPHY THERE'S BEEN 6 MONTHS TO THINK THIS OVER
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Curious: They gave the game a QL but they never bothered to review it?