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That's about how I remember the ID4 speech by Bill Pullman.

I wish people could explain how Independence Day can be abbreviated 'ID4.'

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Looks great. Writing-wise this series is on a roll lately.

I can't wait to find out how they managed to get both Shaundi's in this game.

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Fuck Cancer or Let them Eat Cake? Fuck Cancer!

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The fact that Ryan will never be able to play this is a god damn travesty.

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@roboculus92: dude, in heaven they already have saints row 5.

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@roboculus92: This is something I had been thinking about quite a bit. Ryan will never get to play the games he'd been anticipating on the podcast, it pissed me off so much.

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I enjoy bitching about the fall of Saints Row and reminiscing on what could've been after how good SR2 was... but of all the things I'm irked by, it's that I want some more Oleg. I need me some Oleg.