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Posted By ItsAhMe

This conference was a let down.

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Edited By Rayeth

Lots of the same from them with some far future announcements for something interesting and something else the same. But since their recent (non Fallout/Elder Scrolls) output has been great I'll give RAGE2 and whatever the hell Wolfenstein Youngblood is a go.

Also the end of the video seems to have issues?

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Posted By Pacmantis

please get Andrew WK for one of the night shows

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Edited By JigglePhysx

Man I was really board for a large chunk of this conference. The pausing after every sentence for applause and jokes(?) that didn't land at all really started to grate on me. They got there in the end, but for most of this I would prefer to watch the EA conference again. *holds for laugh/applause*

Starting with another developer video and then the Andrew W.K thing was a painfully slow start. Rage 2 looks like it could be good. With what Bethesda have done with Doom and Wolfenstein, it gives me a lot of confidence I wouldn't otherwise have that they could turn it in to something special. Don't really care about Elder Scrolls Online or the card game so it was hard to stay awake during these parts. Loved the DOOM reboot so excited to see more on the way. Hopefully it is a proper single player sequel, the subtitle did give me pause. I love me some Quake but Champions doesn't seem to be what I am looking for. Will happily play Q3A any day of the week.

Never finished Prey, didn't love what I played of it but good to see its getting plenty of post release support. Also excited to play more Wolfenstein. I don't have the same reservations that some of the GB team have. I have full confidence we will return to BJ killing MechaHitler. Still not sure if that Skyrim Alexa thing is a joke or not. If done right that could be kind of cool. Not a fan of the Fallout games so 76 wasn't very exciting for me either. Seems like its very ambitious but given the studios track record with game polish, bugs and stuff we will have to see if they can pull it off.

I don't know about anyone else but the idea of Elder Scrolls: Blades is not for me at all. Playing that sort of game on a phone is the last thing I want to be spending my time on. Controls with either virtual joysticks or tap-to-move... no thanks. Regardless I'm sure it will be crazy popular anyway. Finally we got a tease for Starfield. Granted we know pretty much nothing about it but sci-fi it way more my jam than a fantasy or post-apocalyptic one. Also announcing Elder Scrolls 6 was pretty smart, just to get people to shut up... even if its going to be like 8 years away.

I guess overall they did end up justifying holding another press conference this year... but a lot of the games they develop just aren't for me. Was tough to watch especially after the very well done Xbox conference.

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Posted By nonforma

The last few minutes don't play for me.

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Edited By bathala

The crowd got annoying after awhile because they always have to paused and acknowledge the crowd

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Posted By Drachmalius

This whole thing was really unsettling. What aren't they saying about the new Doom? And is it really going to be fun to play fallout 76 solo? I have more questions than before the conference. But Rage 2 looks like a ton of fun and I'll play that Wolfenstein thing for sure.

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Posted By hott8bitaction

Jeff’s “When” burn. Beautiful.

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Posted By hakunin

Made the EA Play thing look good.

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Posted By schnoo

Are the banner winners not posted anywhere? Who won for Bethesta?

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Posted By Tikicobra

@drachmalius: What do you want them to say about Doom? It was just a teaser. They said that it’s a sequel, that it features hell on earth, and that they’ll reveal the gameplay at Quakecon. I don’t know why you’re acting like they’re being sketchy about it.

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Posted By PowerBombYo

Hell yeah, Tunnel Snakes!

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Posted By Drachmalius

@tikicobra: I'm probably just paranoid but I got a sinking feeling that they're gonna make it more online-focused.

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Posted By aradikus

@pacmantis: "please get Andrew WK for one of the night shows"

Holy shit I can only imagine how potentially amazing that could be!

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Posted By professorx86

To Alex Navarro, Fallout Shelter is already on Xbox/Windows 10 which is why it was excluded from Tom Howard's announcement.

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Posted By aradikus

@schnoo: indiana with that fantastic Howard/Hines/Rage concert. So far the banner winners have been the bumpers before the streams go live, not in the archive. I'm sure they'll be posted properly when somebody gets the time, crazy week for all!

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Posted By aradikus

@hott8bitaction: he was quick on that one too, had myself a good laugh there

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Posted By Lethargy

Dev's onstage: always awkward. At least always genuine. That's E3, every year. I love it.

That doesn't make it a weak show.

This was actually a very strong showing. To many viewers, 2018 might be an off-year for Bethesda without anything more than a small teaser for their mainline franchises. I can see why some might be disappointed by this show.

In reality, this may be the precursor for some of their most successful titles. Blades and '76 could very likely be some of their most successful content, far into the future, and bring continuous funding they need for their big franchise releases. Good.

If anything, their continuous platform re-releases of Skyrim signaled that they are committed to long-term support of individual titles, rather than middling sequels of their main franchises every couple years. I'm fine with that.

Accordingly, I knew it wouldn't be realistic to expect an announcement of an ES6 release this year, or even Doom 2. I guess that all went down the chute when they teased '76: no reason to expect anything bigger coming in 2018. Happy to hear that there are updates on other franchies--yes, ES6 is happening--that's all I needed to know there. I'm only disappointed that Starfield will be before ES6. The devil you know, I guess.

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Posted By steveurkel

Not calling it doom 2 is bizarre but if they can do quake 3 ish mp i don't care what they tack on. I've pkkayed quake champions about 8 diff beta phases and it has always sucked. The speed of starting a match is dreadful waiting and a 1 min warm up slows it down so much. I don't care about that though because rage 2 looks awesome. Fallout 76 is going to be a griefers paradise and getting gunned down by random strangers doesn't sound fun in a fallout game.

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Edited By Reign409


Ranger Walker? I wonder if he's from Texas

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Edited By zinkn

This was just another boring conference. Announced big games but dident show anything. So far MS was the most interresting one.

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Edited By stordoff

I am worried about Fallout 76. It's 7am here, so this is a little rushed, and I might have missed a few details, but a lot of what they were saying was not jiving with me AT ALL.

First of all, for the first trailer, Dan said something about it looking like a Fallout game and there being a lot of narrative. That's not what I was getting from it - it looks like a great setting for a Fallout game, but I felt like they barely even hinted at narrative.

Fallout 76 is entirely online. At the moment, that's not a huge hurdle, but what happens 5, 10 years down the line? Does all this just go away? Further, whilst they said you CAN play it solo, has it been built with the assumption that you will be playing with other people, and so get a vastly diminished experience?

Furthermore, unless I missed it, I don't recall them saying anything about a new engine. With the state of Fallout 4, if it is just the old engine with multiplayer, that has the potential to be a mess. Now they did say it's a bigger world with more detail, so maybe they've been able to iron some of that out, but if it was a more substantial improvement I'd expect them to say something to that effect.

"Every person and character is real" - To me, that sounded like every human in the game is a player controlled character (and I saw nothing in the footage to contradict that), which if that is the case, how are you telling a story? This is backed up by statements like "Stories that you create and tell yourself" and "You decide the heroes, you decide the villeins". To me, that very much sounds like they have created a space where stories CAN happen, but it is on the players to make that happen - I don't see how you can tell any sort of traditional Fallout story in these constrains.

They also introduced the world as being four times the size of Fallout 4, but then said that you will be in a world with dozens, not hundreds, of other players. At that point, are you ever going to see anyone? That sounds like an incredibly sparsely populated world. Unless they are doing location-based server switching (Journey/Test Drive Unlimited), I don't see how it can happen unless you actively seek out other players, and that brings me back to my concerns about story - how can player-told stories unfold if the players you met are constantly changing, even within the same game session?

At that point, I started to wonder if it's something more like State of Decay - progression is not tied to death, small numbers of people in the same world, you can meet up and play with your friends, it's YOUR stories, not a fixed narrative. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not what I'm looking for from a Fallout game. I also made a (hopefully incredibly unkind) Sea of Thieves comparison - they've built a world, and are now saying go do some stuff, but are they giving me a reason to do it? If there's limited to no narrative, and you aren't building a fixed base, what is your goal?

No VATS - now time-manipulation is incredibly difficult to do well in multiplayer, and I'm assuming that because they didn't show it they didn't come up with a good solution, but that kinda sucks. It's mostly emblematic at this point -- you can play Fallout without it -- but it adds to my main concern: is this going to feel like a Fallout game, or is it going to feel like another game in a Fallout-esque world?

Further, pitching it as a game where, to an least some extent, can rebuild, yet some 200 years later society has only BARELY rebuild seems weird. Granted, you can easily explain that away by saying it didn't work/it's a different part of the country, but it still feels like a little bit of a disconnect from the rest of the series.

Nukes - what? What incentive is there to build a base if it can get nuked? Maybe it doesn't destroy your stuff, as they seemed so insistent that progress isn't lost on death, but then there's the flip side of that: what's the point of a nuke if it doesn't destroy stuff? I just don't see how they fit into the game beyond it sounds cool and it lets us build a coop puzzle solving mechanic.

I guess my overall problem is that I can see a lot of what they appear to have taken out to make this work, but not what they have replaced it with beyond more people in the world. Can I go on cool quests, even if they aren't from NPCs and it's more of a found story style? The story of what happened while we were in the vault is potentially interesting one. Can I build a rad base that is genuinely my own (which seems difficult if you are moving between servers), and not limited to some small scale (the workshop budget meter suggests no) and has features beyond defense? Can I acquire a GECK and make a genuine attempt at reforming even a small section of the wasteland? I felt like Bethesda didn't really give an answer to that.

There's also a couple of open questions, that doesn't necessarily need to be addressed, but I'm not sure how they'd play out. Presumably everyone starts at Vault 76 -- are people going to scatter from there, or congregate, making the world size somewhat meaningless? Also, if new players start at Vault 76, are you going to get in immediate trouble with people camping there?

I genuinely hope I'm wrong, and that Fallout 76 is awesome and the shot in the arm the series needed, but the more they said about it, the more sceptical I became.

Edit: Changed "meaningful" to "meaningless"

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Posted By TheHT

Felt the exact same way as Jeff. Started this day of conferences coming off of EA feeling like "well I guess I might as well get through these" and by the end I'm thinkin "yeah, fuckin video games!"

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Posted By manbot47

Dan wants to see old man BJ... there is no way to misconstrue that statement

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Posted By ColdsnapBryan

I'm fukkin DOWN with that Andrew WK performance.

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Posted By JamesM

They seemed to get really hung up on how the base stuff works in Fallout 76 literally seconds after it was introduced with a cute acronym that ends with "mobile platform". From the footage it looked like there was a rectangular concrete foundation; my guess is that you get one or more of those and you can place them on any sufficiently flat and clear terrain, and it will have all your stuff on it with its layout retained from the last session. That's not perfect, of course, but it seems like the most straightforward solution to the kinds of problems they were bringing up.

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Posted By schnoo

@aradikus: thanks! I was hoping that one would win, excellent banner crafting.

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Posted By Lincoln

Damn what a great show. Obviously Doom 2 was going to happen I just didn't think this soon, so i'm really happy about that. Fallout 76 looks great. Rage 2 looks like it has fast movement so i'm down for that. New IP and new Elder Scrolls is great news. It's also super smart for them to get into phone gaming; they'll make a bazillion dollars off it and that will help fund more games. Overall I don't know what else you could possibly ask for from Bethesda, so kudos to them. They also seem like genuine good people and I wish them the best!

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Posted By rht992

The conference was kind of a bummer. I can't help but feel it was all a bit EA.

Updates to online games, non story DLC for story driven games, multiplayer spin off's of RPG's and mobile games which will be filled with micro-transactions and two teasers for games we are all really excited for but no real information on them.

Honestly Bethesda felt really corporate and shallow and that's just upsetting.

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Posted By CurrySpiced

I liked that Bethesda announced they were working on Elder Scrolls 6, even though it sounded like it won't be out until next gen. There is way too much secrecy about projects in the video game industry.

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Posted By fredrikb

I skipped ahead and I could not tell if they were showing Doom 2 or Quake Champions. Turned out it was Rage 2. These Bethesda shooters look and sound exactly the same.

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Edited By VoshiNova

I'm going to go play Prey again 'cause that game kicks ass. Then I'm going to sign up for Blades early access 'cause curiosity killed the cat. And all the while I'll be imagining me and some buddies launching a nuke in Fallout 76 to Andrew W.K's "Get ready to die."

Wait wait no I'm actually just gonna play some Sims...

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Posted By CrashTanuki

Brad is really confused about standalone expansions for Wolfenstein.

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Posted By someoneproud

Ugh, that first "we are Bethesda" video made me cringe so hard.

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Posted By Teoball

I enjoyed this a lot more than EA.

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Edited By JohnyMyko
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Posted By Bicycle_Repairman

I could have gone without the many attempts at stand-up and the awkward. saying the mobile game got more players than all their other games combined seemd like a sad admission that the times, they are a changing. But overall a good press conference i guess, bit bummed that the next elder scrolls is so far away but oh wel.

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Posted By DemiGodRaven

that's a good Grave shirt.

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Posted By chango

Really enjoyed the show. More Doom and Wolfenstein is always good.

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Edited By NJN

@itachiitachi: How can you not get this? Anyone who feels personally offended by the phrase "fuck Nazis" needs to examine their own beliefs / behaviour, *not* get defensive and upset. If you don't identify with Nazis / Nazi beliefs then when someone says "fuck Nazis" it's got nothing to do with you, and no-one is interested in playing the "who's a Nazi" game with you. How about using some common sense and figuring it out on your own.

Anyone interpreting "fuck Nazis" as a general attack on conservatism is saying way more about their own subconscious insecurities about conservatism than they are about the "radical left" maliciously mis-labeling conservative political ideology.

Also anyone that thinks that modern-day Nazis don't exist or are irrelevant might want to read the news once in a while. It sucks but we actually live in a world where "fuck Nazis" is worth saying.

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Posted By Kairu_de_Large

@vinny Fun fact: Andrew WK did a music of Gundam cover album. The Japanese OST. I'm not kidding.

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Edited By Chummy8

Lol that guy's name is Jerk.

Also, i really need to replay DOOM and Wolfenstein 2. Also, Fallout 4 was too much of a shooter for me to begin with. That's not Fallout is to me so I'll pass on 76.

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