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WarioWare: Smooth Moves Review

When I first got the Wii I wasn't sure which game I wanted to pick up first. I wanted to dive right into Zelda and Metroid but I also wanted something I could play with my girlfriend. I decided the first game I would buy would be Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.

The game is a collection of mini games all requiring you to use the Wii remote in a unique way. Each time a new "position" is necessary, a creepy voiced man will tell you in a low, romantic, tone how to hold the remote. The names and demonstrations on screen are hilarious, and some of the movements and positions are very creative. One position is the "The Butler" which requires you to hold the remote in the palm of your hand and extend your hand out as if holding something on a butlers tray. The mini game would then be a phone ringing, and you'd have to move quick to grab the remote with your other hand to answer. This sounds really easy, but you have to take into consideration that you are given about 1 second to do this. The mini games fire off in quick succession, one after the other. Sometimes a game will appear on screen and you will not know how to accomplish the goal, simply because you didn't hear the correct position to hold the remote. You are left waving it in front of you hoping you might still win, which rarely works.

Along with the positions to hold the remote, are movements you must do to win each game. A mini game may require you to hold the remote at your side, and squat down to pick something up. This can generally be done by just holding the remote up, and moving it down, without causing you any physical stress. However this almost breaks the game. The game is very fun and very entertaining if you buy into it. It can get hilarious to just be doing all of the crazy movements it wants you to do. The Wii remote can't tell if you're actually doing the movements, but they are what make the game fun. All the remote knows is if you moved it up, down, left, or right, and how fast you did it. Watching someone try and do 8, 1-2 second, mini games in a row can be quite funny. The games ramp up in difficulty as you progress and you may find yourself breaking a sweat at some point.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves: 4.5/5

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is a very fun and creative game, if you let yourself go and just do what it asks. Sure you can break the game, and half ass it, but is that really what you're playing it for? You're playing it to have a good time with the people around you, and that is exactly what this game accomplishes.

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