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    Wayne Holden

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    Wayne is the amnesic protagonist of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. He uses his formidable combat skills as well as the technologically advanced Harmonizer implanted in his arm to save E.D.N. III from total destruction.

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    Found by Yuri Solotov in a destroyed  Vital Suit, Wayne has almost no memory of his previous life. Among the few things he does remember is the name of the Akrid that killed his father,  Green Eye! He also remembers how to pilot Vital Suit, and plans to use these skills to take revenge for his father's brutal death. His physical condition is augmented by the  Harmonizer on his arm, which is powered by Thermal Energy drawn from defeated foes and  Akrid.


    • The character Wayne Holden is modeled after Korean actor Lee Byung-hun
    • It was recently Stated by a Capcom Employee That Wayne was a Clone of his Father Gale Holden

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